F.T. Island’s Lee Hongki Talks About Choi Jonghoon’s Departure from Burning Sun Scandal in Indirect Mention: We Get Along So Well as Three

On July 9th, “Vivo TV”uploaded a video featuring Lee Hongki to their YouTube channel.

In the video, Song Eun-yi inquired Lee Hongki if there were any conflicts among the members of F.T. Island. Lee Hongki assured her that their team dynamics have greatly improved and that they used to argue about insignificant matters like instant noodles and side dishes in the past.

He continued, “For instance, our manager had prepared the usual menu one day, but one member expressed, ‘I didn’t say I wanted this today. I wanted something else.’ In reply, I would simply say, ‘Just eat it.’” This caused everyone to burst into laughter.

lee hong ki

During a conversation, Song Eun-yi expressed her understanding by saying, “Even two individuals can have disagreements. It must be even more challenging with larger groups of five, three, or four members.”Lee Hongki also mentioned, “Recently, we have been getting along great as a trio,”alluding to the departure of former member Choi Jonghoon following his involvement in the Burning Sun scandal.

Song Eun-yi acknowledged, “Given the amount of time that has gone by, it’s natural that certain things may cause tension between us.”Lee Hongki thanked his fellow members, stating, “I often feel guilty towards my members as my outspoken nature often leads them to follow my actions. It’s not often that I am met with people who appreciate my behavior.”

lee hong ki

In 2007, F.T. Island debuted as a five-member group. However, they currently operate as a trio after Choi Jonghoon and Song Seunghyun departed from the group. After being sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison for charges including gang rape and illegal filming, Choi Jonghoon was released in November 2021. He had previously announced his departure from the team and retirement from the entertainment industry in 2019 when he was arrested.

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