My Hero Academia Chapter 426: The Conclusion of Shoto, Toya, and the Todoroki Family’s Story as Spinner Receives an Unexpected Visitor

After the cliffhanger in the last panels of the previous release, readers were eagerly anticipating My Hero Academia chapter 426 to delve into the story of Shoto and his family. The latest chapter, which was officially released over the weekend, did not disappoint as it continued to shed light on the Todoroki family.

Despite the focus on the Todoroki family, My Hero Academia chapter 426 also incorporated other characters, such as Hawks, who are significant to their respective storylines. The chapter also laid the groundwork for the next release, strongly suggesting that the “new character”fans have seen is actually someone they already know.

My Hero Academia Chapter 426: Shigaraki’s Survival Confirmed? Unknown Visitor for Spinner

My Hero Academia Chapter 426: Too Little, Too Late?

The Todoroki family fully reunites in My Hero Academia chapter 426's opening pages (Image via BONES)
The Todoroki family fully reunites in My Hero Academia chapter 426’s opening pages (Image via BONES)

In My Hero Academia chapter 426, the spotlight falls on Fuyumi and Natsuo Todoroki as they show their mother Rei their minor burns and assure her that she did not need to visit. Despite having more severe burns, Rei insists that the same goes for her children. Enji, also known as Endeavor, then interrupts and states that Rei did not need to come either. It is later revealed that Enji is covered in bandages and confined to a wheelchair due to his own burns.

Shoto then enters and reveals that, similar to the others, he did not come to this place out of a sense of obligation but for another reason. As the attention turns to the five members of the Todoroki family standing in front of Dabi/Toya Todoroki, who is confined to a life support system, an attendant confirms that he can only communicate for a few minutes each day. The attendant also explains that Toya is gradually approaching death in his current condition.

In chapter 426 of My Hero Academia, Shoto and Dabi exchange glares before Dabi remarks on how they are all appearing as if he is a tourist attraction. Rei attempts to speak, but Enji interrupts her, stating that he has come to discuss the future. He announces his retirement as a Pro Hero, which was his intention even before the war began, but also reveals that his inability to walk without assistance has solidified this decision.

Endeavor's current status is confirmed early on in My Hero Academia chapter 426 (Image via BONES)
Endeavor’s current status is confirmed early on in My Hero Academia chapter 426 (Image via BONES)

Despite Endeavor’s efforts, Dabi’s flames proved to be stronger and ultimately caused the death of the Pro Hero Endeavor. Dabi cynically expresses his “condolences”before mocking Endeavor for his lack of action in the situation. Endeavor acknowledges that he was aware of Dabi’s desire for him to be more present in his life, but he failed to do so.

In chapter 426 of My Hero Academia, Endeavor reaffirms that Toya’s flames originate from his own body heat, despite any doubts from others. He reveals that he has been watching the indictment video daily and declares his intention to visit Toya every day thereafter, suggesting they should continue to have open discussions.

A panel depicting Endeavor, still confined to a wheelchair but without any bandages, conversing with a standing and prosperous Toya (although he is still missing some limbs). Toya still bears his Dabi scars. Dabi remains silent, causing Endeavor to acknowledge that it is too late. The attendant remarks on the increase in his heart rate, indicating that this is too heavy a burden for the present moment.

Chapter 426 – Change and Rebirth in My Hero Academia

Shoto and Dabi/Toya have an incredibly touching moment in My Hero Academia chapter 426 (Image via BONES)
Shoto and Dabi/Toya have an incredibly touching moment in My Hero Academia chapter 426 (Image via BONES)

In My Hero Academia chapter 426, Enji disregards the attendant’s presence and instead encourages the others to take advantage of the extra time Shoto has given them with Dabi. He also invites Dabi to express any emotions he may have towards him, while Dabi silently watches. Fuyumi and Rei also feel similar emotions, causing Dabi’s heart rate to rise, prompting the attendant to intervene and end the conversation for the day.

Despite Shoto’s previous questions, he still has one more for Dabi – what is his favorite food? Dabi remains silent and as Shoto and the rest of the group start to leave, he finally reveals that it is soba. Shoto responds by admitting that it is also his favorite. This brings back memories for Dabi of what Shoto said during their fight about their paths intersecting, whether he likes it or not. This realization causes Dabi to break down in tears and apologize to Shoto as the Todorokis depart.

In My Hero Academia chapter 426, the scene shifts to the Todoroki family outside. Natsuo bids farewell to Endeavor and declares that they will never see each other again. He also reveals his plans to marry his girlfriend and start a family, who Endeavor will never have the chance to meet. Endeavor accepts this and apologizes once again, while Fuyumi shares about her new job and the support she receives from one of her student’s mothers.

My Hero Academia chapter 426 makes it clear that Natsuo's hate for Endeavor has wavered somewhat from recent events (Image via BONES)
My Hero Academia chapter 426 makes it clear that Natsuo’s hate for Endeavor has wavered somewhat from recent events (Image via BONES)

Natsuo expresses to Endeavor that he has fulfilled his duty and has already faced enough consequences, questioning why he cannot just put an end to it. Endeavor replies that although Natsuo is not obligated to witness it, he will persist in making amends and offering apologies for the remainder of his life. He firmly states that he will bear the full responsibility and not allow anyone else to be held accountable, believing that his purpose for surviving is to safeguard his children’s future.

In chapter 426 of My Hero Academia, Natsuo remarks that it will be like living in hell on Earth, to which Endeavor acknowledges that he is responsible for creating this situation. Surprisingly, Natsuo admits that this is the first time he has ever found Endeavor cool, as he offers a ride to Shoto and Fuyumi to their destination. As they depart, Shoto confidently declares to his parents that he has the support of Class A and is determined to become the person he wants to be.

As they leave, Endeavor’s sidekicks show up, leading Rei to remind Enji that no matter how difficult things may be, they have a support system. She shows him a message from Hawks on his phone, inquiring about the situation and offering assistance, which brings a smile to Endeavor’s face as he gazes up at her.

The narrative in My Hero Academia chapter 426 then moves to Hawks and Lady Nagant, as the latter expresses her reluctance to leave prison even though she has been given permission to do so. From her cell, Nagant reveals that she is still afraid of the outside world and the possibility of being manipulated once more.

Despite Hawks’ numerous requests for her assistance, she advises him to observe society’s response to Izuku Midoriya’s actions during the final war before making any decisions. She playfully mentions that taxpayers will continue to support her for a little longer, causing Hawks to jokingly stick out his tongue and refer to her as a villain. The focus then shifts to the outside of the prison, where Gentle Criminal and La Brava are happily reuniting as free citizens, their freedom earned through their contributions in the final war.

In chapter 426 of My Hero Academia, we see Hawks walking by and reading texts from Rei assuring him that they are doing well. As he reflects on their resilience, others comment on the challenges he faces as the new, young president of the Hero Public Safety Commission. The chapter concludes with Hawks contemplating the future and making a phone call, while Spinner remains hospitalized and possibly visited by an unfamiliar individual.

My Hero Academia Chapter 426: In Summation

It is not surprising that the most impactful aspect of My Hero Academia chapter 426 is its resolution of the overall Todoroki family arc, along with the development of the individual relationships and subplots.

The final panels of the issue effectively set the stage for the direction of the epilogue, a pattern that is expected to continue in the upcoming concluding chapters. Additionally, readers can anticipate finding out the true identity of the mysterious “new”character and whether or not they are indeed Tomura Shigaraki in the next issue.

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