My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 9: Shoto’s Victory over Dabi Encourages the Heroes while the Struggle against AFO Continues

The 9th episode of season 7 of My Hero Academia, titled Extras, was broadcasted on Saturday, June 29, 2024, at 5:30 pm JST. This installment delves into the aftermath of Shoto’s triumph over Dabi, which motivates the heroes to carry on their fights against the villains in various locations.

Despite Endeavor and Hawks’ confrontation with AFO being the main focus of the episode, a considerable amount of time is also devoted to AFO’s revelation of his connection to Dabi. Despite Endeavor’s best efforts, AFO is able to successfully injure him, causing Tokoyami and Jiro to join the fight. However, their efforts are ultimately no match for AFO’s overwhelming power.

Please note: This article contains spoilers. Viewer discretion is advised.

My Hero Academia: Season 7 Episode 9 Hints at Dabi’s Return as All For One Overwhelms the Heroes

Opening Events of My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 9: Shoto’s Victory Over Dabi Brings Hope

The ninth episode of My Hero Academia’s seventh season picks up where the previous one left off, as Shoto takes a moment to reflect on his recent triumph over Dabi with the help of his powerful Great Glacial Aegir and Phosphor techniques. He expresses his gratitude for his classmates’ support during the intense battle. As news of Dabi’s defeat reaches Endeavor’s sidekicks, the morale of the heroes is lifted and they turn their attention towards subduing the remaining Nomu in Kamino.

As they rejoiced, certain heroes pondered the possibility of their victory being sustained against escaped Tartarus prisoners such as Kunieda and Gashly. Meanwhile, at the command center, All Might and his colleagues were informed of Shoto’s triumph, offering a ray of hope amidst the obstacles, particularly following Deku’s sudden relocation to another battleground during the ongoing war. The news quickly circulated among heroes in various locations.

Shoto defeats Dabi (Image via Bones)
Shoto defeats Dabi (Image via Bones)

In the ninth episode of My Hero Academia’s seventh season, the attention turns to the Jaku site where Mina, Kirishima, and Mineta join in the celebration of Shoto’s triumph. Encouraged by his success, they make a steadfast commitment to protect Gigantomachia from AFO’s grasp, as the villains are determined to regain their powerful ally.

At the Takoba National Stadium, Sato, Ojiro, and Sero are joined by Bakugo at the Sky Coffin site to celebrate Shoto’s success. At the Troy site, Fatgum informs Aoyama of the news while one of the Tartarus escapees, Kunieda, voices concerns about the dangers of facing AFO, hoping to dissuade the heroes. Meanwhile, at the Central Hospital site, Present Mic shares the news with the others.

All Might praise Shoto's victory (Image via Bones)
All Might praise Shoto’s victory (Image via Bones)

While Shoji and Kota are talking about Shoto’s win, Spinner, the leader of the heteromorph army and their opponent, refuses to acknowledge Dabi’s loss. The story then takes a turn to a flashback before the war, where Dabi declines extra quirks from AFO and Spinner contemplates his previous weakness and his newfound power after receiving a quirk from AFO to fulfill his new position.

Back in the present, Spinner is driven by his unwavering belief in Dabi’s determination as he leads the heteromorph army to take back Kurogiri. Meanwhile, the heroes are gearing up to put a stop to their plans.

My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 9: Dabi’s Possible Return and the Showdown Between Endeavor and AFO

The ninth episode of My Hero Academia season 7 centers on the Kamino site, where the heroes have successfully defeated Dabi and the Nomu. As they secure the unconscious villains, Shoto and Iida regroup. While apprehending Dabi, the heroes are surprised by his survival, as a bright light starts to emit from his chest.

Endeavor and Hawks confront AFO at the Gunga villa site. Despite being touched by the news of Shoto’s triumph, Endeavor is forced to confront AFO’s efforts to incite him with reminders of his past errors and Dabi.

AFO in this episode (Image via Bones)
AFO in this episode (Image via Bones)

The strategy meeting between the top 3 heroes, Endeavor, Hawks, and Jeanist, is revealed through flashbacks. They discuss targeting AFO’s mask, which was identified as his weakness and life support system based on information from Stain obtained during the Tartarus prison break. It is decided that only Endeavor and Hawks will confront AFO in order to minimize casualties and prevent him from obtaining more quirks.

Currently, Hawks and Endeavor engage in a battle against AFO. Despite their efforts, AFO is able to predict their moves and easily defend himself, taking advantage of their vulnerabilities. Endeavor switches to a more aggressive approach, managing to penetrate AFO’s defenses. However, AFO shocks Endeavor by revealing his ties to Dabi and the destructive fire at Sekoto Peak, causing Endeavor to become enraged.

Despite Endeavor’s loss of composure, AFO is able to injure him with a well-timed attack and quickly shifts focus to Hawks. Knowing he cannot avoid the attack, Hawks prioritizes protecting Endeavor.

My Hero Academia season 7 episode 9: Tokoyami and Jiro join the battle, but AFO proves too powerful for the heroes to handle.

In the final moments of My Hero Academia season 7 episode 9, AFO launches an attack on Hawks, only to be stopped by the intervention of Jiro and Tokoyami. Despite being warned by Hawks about the peril of confronting AFO and advised to withdraw, they stand their ground, determined to assist the heroes. Jiro boldly proclaims their determination to defeat AFO.

Endeavor is later revealed to have avoided a fatal injury thanks to Hawks’ feathers, which broke his fall. With a clear mind, Endeavor resolves to confront AFO, while Hawks devises a plan to give him more time.

AFO injures Endeavor (Image via Bones)
AFO injures Endeavor (Image via Bones)

As the battle between Hawks, Tokoyami, and Jiro begins, AFO is determined to end it quickly in order to return to Shigaraki. He focuses his attack on Jiro and Tokoyami, who he sees as the weakest links, but they are able to evade his strikes. Hawks then takes charge and leads them in a coordinated attack on AFO’s mask.

Jiro, filled with fear, observes how AFO relentlessly focuses on attacking Deku and Aoyama. The scene concludes with AFO releasing a powerful blast that hits both 1-A students, while keeping Hawks occupied.

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