One Piece episode 1110 review: The Seraphims continue with their onslaught, Sanji springs to action, while Shaka’s life is in danger

The latest episode of One Piece, episode 1110, entitled “Survive! Deadly Combat with the Strongest Form of Humanity!”, was aired in Japan on Sunday, June 30 2024. This installment picks up where the previous one left off, centering on the Straw Hats and Vegapunks as they face a fierce assault from the Seraphim.

Despite their previous invincibility, the Seraphim have now shown vulnerability and can be defeated, despite being the most advanced form of humanity. Furthermore, there is troubling information regarding the Vegapunk Satellites.

In the previous episode, the strength of the Seraphim was showcased as the main event. Luffy was seen teaming up with Lucci and Kaku to defeat S-Hawk and S-Shark. Additionally, a potential fight between Kid and Shanks was hinted at, but the latest episode did not explore this further.

Please note: This article contains spoilers.

One Piece episode 1110: Plot to Eliminate the Vegapunks Unveiled

Episode Highlights

Luffy, Lucci and Kaku react to Zoro's observation skills in the One Piece episode 1110 (Image via Toei)
Luffy, Lucci and Kaku react to Zoro’s observation skills in the One Piece episode 1110 (Image via Toei)

In episode 1110 of One Piece, the battle against the Seraphim raged on. Luffy, Zoro, Lucci, and Kaku teamed up and appeared to have emerged victorious against S-Hawk and S-Bear. However, Shaka warned everyone against underestimating the Seraphim, who are revered as the ultimate beings of humanity. Before long, the Seraphim awoke once again.

After careful observation, Zoro noticed a similarity between the Seraphim and King. Shaka was taken aback when he learned that Kaido had a Lunarian on his team and concluded that the individual must have been the escapee from Punk Hazard. He then acknowledged that the Seraphim’s dominance was due to their Lunarian heritage.

Zoro’s revelation proved to be a game-changer as he revealed that the Seraphim were susceptible when the fire behind them was put out. This rejuvenated the fight and the Straw Hats fought with renewed determination. Shaka, realizing the Straw Hats’ strategic advantage, left to search for Vegapunk.

Sanji as seen in the One Piece episode 1110 (Image via Toei)
Sanji as seen in the One Piece episode 1110 (Image via Toei)

In the latest One Piece episode, Nami’s group found themselves being pursued by S-Shark. The young antagonist managed to take down Edison and even separated Brook’s skull from his body. Despite Nami’s best efforts, she was unable to retaliate as S-Shark had a striking resemblance to Jinbe.

Zeus encouraged her to trust him, but his efforts were limited. Suddenly, S-Shark lunged for Nami’s neck, but Sanji appeared in a fury and swiftly kicked him before any harm could be done.

As S-Snake approached, she fired a bubble gun filled with sea energy, causing her to collapse instantly. Despite the temporary success of the attack, the bubble eventually burst and its effects wore off. In an attempt to subdue S-Snake, Franky was met with a retaliatory kick followed by a laser attack targeting the remaining members.

Franky as seen in the One Piece episode 1110 (Image via Toei)
Franky as seen in the One Piece episode 1110 (Image via Toei)

Despite managing to sneak up on her and incapacitate her with a bubble, Franky was unable to escape the consequences of his actions. When she cried out in pain, he released the bubble, but it was too late. As a result, half of his body was turned to stone, while Usopp and Lilith suffered the same fate, completely petrified.

Shaka arrived at the underground Old Devil Fruit Research Laboratory in the final moments of One Piece episode 1110. He had hoped to find Vegapunk, who he believed was being held captive there. Despite locating Vegapunk and the detained Cipher Pol agents, Shaka was tragically shot in the head before he could rescue them.

One Piece Episode 1110 Review

Shaka attacked in the One Piece episode 1110 (Image via Toei)
Shaka attacked in the One Piece episode 1110 (Image via Toei)

The events occurring in Vegapunk’s laboratory are seamlessly woven together in One Piece episode 1110.

Despite Luffy’s group seemingly having the advantage over the Seraphim, the situation is not as promising for the rest of the group. Fans are eagerly anticipating Sanji’s confrontation with S-Shark, and the mystery surrounding the attacker of Shaka will surely keep viewers hooked to the anime.

Despite the anticipation of a major battle between Shanks and Kid, it was disappointing that One Piece episode 1110 did not provide any updates on the situation.

Recap of One Piece Episode 1109

Shanks as seen in the One Piece anime (Image via Toei)
Shanks as seen in the One Piece anime (Image via Toei)

During the preceding chapter, while S-Hawk persisted with his assault, Luffy made the decision to release Lucci and Kaku. As a result, they gained the advantage in the battle.

During this time, the Red Hair Pirates were seen having a good time at a bar on an island in the New World. A young boy was eagerly asking Shanks to let him join their crew and set sail. It was at this moment that they discovered the Kid Pirates were hot on their heels.

Despite Shanks’ unhappiness with disturbing the peace of Elbaph, the Red Hair Pirates were exposed to be there. Shanks remained determined to seek revenge on Kid, but Killer cautioned him to reconsider due to his previous loss of an arm in a confrontation with Shanks’ crew. However, Kid remained unswayed.

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