One Piece episode 1111 review: The Identity and Motivation of Traitor Among the Vegapunks Revealed, While the Satellites Continue to Die

On Sunday, July 7, 2024, fans in Japan were treated to the release of One Piece episode 1111, “The Second Ohara! The Mastermind’s Ambition!”This episode sets the stage for major events that are just around the corner. Meanwhile, the Straw Hats are caught up in intense battles with the rampaging Seraphim, unaware of the looming danger. As if that wasn’t enough, the episode also unveils unexpected plot twists involving the sinister plans of the World Government.

In the previous episode, Zoro discovered a possible weakness of the Seraphim, but its validity had not been confirmed. However, the episode ended with a surprising event as Shaka was shot in the head. This event in One Piece episode 1111 reveals that not only Shaka, but all the Vegapunks are in danger.

Note: This article includes spoilers.

The Upcoming Battle: One Piece Episode 1111 and the Navy’s Invasion of Egghead Island

Episode Highlights

Saturn of the Elders as seen in the One Piece episode 1111 (Image via Toei)
Saturn of the Elders as seen in the One Piece episode 1111 (Image via Toei)

As One Piece episode 1111 commences, a group of naval ships, commanded by Admiral Kizaru, sets sail towards Egghead Island. On one of the ships, St. Jaygarcia Saturn, one of the Five Elders, is seen enjoying a drink. Their arrival at the island is imminent.

The scene shifts to Vegapunk’s lab, where Stussy briefs Sentomaru on the Navy’s intentions. Their main goal is to eliminate Vegapunk because he has persisted in carrying out Ohara’s research, despite it being strictly prohibited.

Additionally, with his advanced technology, he poses a significant threat to the World Government. As a result, the Navy is approaching the situation as if it were a full-scale war. Recognizing the severity of the circumstances, Sentomaru orders the island’s residents to evacuate immediately.

At the same time, S-Snake steps on Pythagorus’ head, causing a massive explosion. Meanwhile, Sanji gets ready to fight S-Shark and courageously protects Nami from the Seraphim’s attack. He appears eager to demonstrate the strength of his love.

On a different level, Luffy’s team faces difficulties battling S-Bear and S-Hawk. Zoro had anticipated that once the blaze at the rear of the Seraphim subsided, they would be vulnerable. However, the fire persists.

Luffy and Zoro as seen in the One Piece episode 1111 (Impage via Toei)
Luffy and Zoro as seen in the One Piece episode 1111 (Impage via Toei)

As the chaos continues, S-Hawk manages to slip away unnoticed and Lucci becomes suspicious of a change in their plan. It is possible that they are targeting the weaker opponents first. Zoro and Kaku head off in search of S-Hawk, while Luffy tries to defeat S-Bear with a series of punches, but to no avail.

In One Piece episode 1111, the narrator discloses that the events described took place one day prior to the notorious Egghead Incident, which would soon shake the entire world. The origins of this incident can be tracked back to three months earlier.

A flashback to three months ago reveals that a message was received at Sacred Marijoa regarding Vegapunk’s investigation of the Void Century. In response, CP5, CP7, and CP8 were sent to Egghead for validation, but they never came back.

Afterwards, a meeting was held between the Five Elders and the betrayer, where they came to the conclusion that Vegapunk would be eliminated. The CP0 were given the responsibility, but the situation became more complicated with the arrival of the Straw Hats.

Vegapunk as seen in the One Piece episode 1111 (Image via Toei)
Vegapunk as seen in the One Piece episode 1111 (Image via Toei)

One Piece episode 1111 brings us back to the present, where Vegapunk is confronted by a hooded figure holding a gun. It is soon revealed to be York, who confidently informs Vegapunk that she will be joining the ranks of the Celestial Dragons. She then aims her gun at him, declaring that in this world, only one of them needs to survive.

One Piece Episode 1111 Review

York as seen in the One Piece episode 1111 (Image via Toei)
York as seen in the One Piece episode 1111 (Image via Toei)

In One Piece episode 1111, viewers are given a glimpse into the multiple conflicts occurring in Vegapunk’s laboratory. The frequent scene changes may leave some feeling unsatisfied and eager for more. However, the episode is full of unexpected twists, such as the shocking deaths of Shaka and Pythagorus.

The episode unveils significant information, including the identity of one of the Five Elders, which alludes to a larger planetary theme in the story. The reveal of York’s betrayal also sheds light on her embodiment of Vegapunk’s greed. It can be frustrating to witness her aspirations to attain the status of a Celestian Dragon, despite her knowledge of their reprehensible lifestyle.

Additionally, the 1111th episode of One Piece foreshadows a significant upcoming event, reminding fans that the series has entered its Final Saga.

Recap of One Piece Episode 1110

Luffy as seen in the One Piece anime (Image via Toei)
Luffy as seen in the One Piece anime (Image via Toei)

During the previous episode, Zoro made an observation that the Seraphim bore a striking resemblance to King. After discussing with Shaka, it was confirmed that the Seraphim shared Lunarian ancestry. This was significant for Zoro, who revealed that the Lunarians were susceptible when the flame on their backs was extinguished. It was expected that the Seraphim would also share this vulnerability.

Meanwhile, S-Shark was pursuing Nami’s team. Fortunately, Sanji arrived just in time and saved Nami from the grasp of the Seraphim.

The episode concluded with Shaka discovering the underground Old Devil Fruit Research Laboratory, where he believed Vegapunk was imprisoned. He encountered Vegapunk and the imprisoned Cipher Pol agents, but was wounded by gunfire before he could save them.

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