12-year-old suspects arrested for stealing teacher’s car with iPad tracking

Two 12-year-olds from Nashville were caught after driving an SUV belonging to their teacher for more than 70 miles. The parents of one of the children tracked them using an iPad that was left in the car.

According to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, on June 12 two children took their teacher’s car without permission after noticing that the key to her 2024 Honda CRV was left on her desk. WSMV reported on the incident, stating that the children drove the car for 75 miles.

According to the authorities, the car was located thanks to the assistance of the “parents of one of the young men”, who used their son’s iPad, which was left in the car, to track its location to the Bucksnort community. A trooper from the Tennessee Highway Patrol then spotted the boys on westbound Interstate 40 at Exit 152, approximately 70 miles away from the site of the car theft.

Image showing iPad Air in hands of a user

Apple has a built-in feature called Find My that aids in locating lost or misplaced devices. By signing in with your Apple ID on another Apple device, you can utilize Find My to secure and locate your missing iPhone or iPad, just as the parents did in this instance.

The boys were apprehended by a state trooper after pulling over “just off the exit,”according to officials. Their case will be processed in Davidson County Juvenile Court and they will face charges as minors. The exact charges have not been revealed and it remains unclear where the boys were headed or why they stopped at the exit.

Despite the incident, parents of other students at the school continue to express their concerns about the teachers. “We hold our teachers to high standards and often ask them to overlook a lot,”stated TC Weber, a parent of a student at Metro Nashville Public School. “However, we may not realize the impact this has on them. It’s important to consider the consequences of our actions, as it could lead to further harm.”

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