4th-Generation K-pop Group Utilizes NFT Technology to Generate Revenue with AI-Composed Songs

Despite the opposition from many K-pop fans, THIS 4th-gen girl group has been gaining attention for their use of AI-composed albums sold through NFT.

On July 5, it was announced by Gala Music that Ferry Blue, their first-ever K-pop girl group, will be making a comeback with a new single album titled “Dancing in the Symphony,”which was composed by AI technology.

For those who may not be acquainted with Ferry Blue, it is a newly formed six-member girl group signed under D Ocean Music in 2021. Their debut single, “Call My Name,”was released upon their launch.

Initially consisting of seven members, the team had to continue without Yeji, who departed from the group without any prior official announcement, just before the release of their second digital single “Let’s Go Buddy”in 2022. Despite her absence, the team carried on without her.

4th-Gen K-pop Group Is Making Money By Releasing AI-Composed Songs Through NFT
(Photo : Ferry Blue (Kpop Wiki))

Despite the increasing number of popular girl groups, Ferry Blue’s standout feature was its self-managed team concept.

This indicates that despite their ties to other companies, they operate independently without a central agency, with members taking on responsibilities such as A&R, choreography design, music video planning, and social media management.

Ferry Blue’s breakthrough came 2 years after their debut when they released their fifth digital single, “Breaking the Rules,”in September 2023. The digital album was unveiled by Gala Music, a subsidiary of Gala, a blockchain entertainment company.

“Gala Music is a cutting-edge platform that utilizes blockchain technology to not only offer music streaming services, but also enables users to buy tracks, link with nodes, and collaborate with artists to earn incentives and expand. Gala also manages other platforms like “Gala Games”for blockchain gaming and “Gala Film”for movie enthusiasts.”

4th-Gen K-pop Group Is Making Money By Releasing AI-Composed Songs Through NFT
(Photo : Ferry Blue (Kpop Wiki))

“Breaking the Rules”was created by an AI and, upon its launch, all 100 albums were sold out in under 4 seconds through the purchase of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) worth $110 each. By owning an NFT, the buyer receives a lifetime license for the song and is entitled to a portion of its future profits.

After achieving success, Ferry Blue released its latest digital album, “Dancing in the Symphony,”which was also produced using AI.

The song opens with a soothing guitar melody reminiscent of a summer drive, and the subtle yet distinct bass performance adds to its appeal. It also conveys poignant melodies and lyrics that provide solace after a long and exhausting day, much like a refreshing breeze on a hot summer day.

The NFT album was priced at $155 this time around.

4th-Gen K-pop Group Is Making Money By Releasing AI-Composed Songs Through NFT
(Photo : Ferry Blue (Kpop Wiki))

During a previous interview with Rarity Sniper, the group had already discussed concerns about incorporating AI into their music and made it clear that they view it as a helpful tool rather than a substitute for human talent on their musical journey.

“AI can help us generate new and innovative ideas that we may not have thought of on our own, and create complex and intricate arrangements that would be difficult or time-consuming to create without it.

…We believe that AI can be a powerful tool for musicians, but we also believe that it is important to use it in a way that complements human creativity.”

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