Actor Nicolas Cage chooses his own must-see film, and it’s a heartbreaking one

If you haven’t yet watched any of his films, Nicolas Cage recommends starting with one of his most melancholic movies.

In anticipation of the release of his new horror film, Longlegs, Nicolas Cage sat down with The New Yorker for an extensive interview to reflect on his career. During their conversation, Cage touched on a variety of topics, including his roles in films such as Moonstruck, Leaving Las Vegas, Vampire’s Kiss, and Adaptation.

However, when questioned about his recommendation for someone new to Nic Cage’s work, the actor’s quick response is the 2021 independent drama Pig.

Cage explains, “I believe it’s something that people can benefit from.”

“Tragedy is inevitable for all of us, it is only a matter of when. This film, to me, is like a folk song – quiet and gentle. This is in stark contrast to our initial conversation where people may have thought I was crazy.”

In the film, Cage plays the role of a former chef who has now turned to truffle hunting with his cherished prize pig. However, as he hints, a tragic event occurs, leading to a series of violent and vengeful actions.

Cage reflects on his experience working on Pig, stating, “It was a completely new and unfamiliar process for me. I felt like I was able to capture a sense of meditation or a haiku on camera.”

In regards to authenticity and discovering truth through performance, Cage also associates Pig with his upcoming horror movie, stating that “I believe Pig achieved that, and I believe Dream Scenario achieved that, and, in an odd manner, Longlegs achieved that as well.”

Nicolas Cage is currently earning critical acclaim for his performance in the latter film, where he portrays a serial killer being pursued by Maika Monroe’s character, an FBI agent.

Watching his performance has been immensely enjoyable, and it only further confirms his reputation.

Longlegs will be released in theaters on Friday, July 12. Check out this month’s other new movie releases here.

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