Aespa and NewJeans: A Friendly Dance Challenge and Sticker Prank Take Over Agencies

On June 8th, fans of K-Pop were pleasantly surprised when aespa and NewJeans joined forces for a fun dance challenge. In an endearing show of friendship, members from each group switched agencies for a day. At SM Entertainment, Minji and Haerin of NewJeans learned the choreography for aespa’s newest hit, “Armageddon,”while Karina and Giselle joined in. Over at HYBE, Winter and NingNing of aespa showed off their dance moves to NewJeans’ infectious track, “How Sweet,”alongside Hanni and Danielle.

newjeans minji

The excitement continued! In the midst of the challenge, Karina gave Minji a special task: to distribute promotional stickers for “Armageddon”all around the HYBE building. The stickers humorously stated, “When extraterrestrials invade, those who are unfamiliar with ‘Armageddon’ will be the first to be consumed!”


During a recent live stream, Minji, always an eager participant, disclosed the confidential mission. She admitted, “My manager advised me against it,”but she couldn’t resist the humor and had to carry it out. Staying true to her word, fans soon noticed pictures of the stickers cleverly positioned throughout HYBE, even inside the elevator.


Upon learning of Minji’s successful prank, Karina showed her appreciation by posting on Dear. U Bubble. This lighthearted interaction between the two groups has only strengthened the already amicable relationship between aespa and NewJeans, bringing joy to fans worldwide.

Earlier, Min Hee Jin, mentor of NewJeans, had disclosed some personal conversations between her and HYBE Labels Chairman Bang Shi Hyuk. In one of these exchanges, Chairman Bang had enquired with Min Hee Jin, “Can you ‘crush’ aespa?”to which the female CEO had simply chuckled. This caused many netizens to speculate about potential conflicts between NewJeans and aespa. However, the girls have successfully maintained their cordial relationship.

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