aespa Dominates On iTunes Chart Worldwide With ‘Armageddon’ + Becomes Group’s 1st-Ever Album To Achieve #1

The four-member group is causing a stir in the world of K-pop with their latest comeback!

On May 27, aespa finally unveiled their highly awaited debut full album “Armageddon,”along with the release of the music video for its title track. Fans, known as MYs, were ecstatic for the group’s comeback and eagerly shared their enthusiasm for the new song and MV.

As the excitement and reception for the comeback grew, the album gained attention and rose to the top of the iTunes charts. On May 28, Korean news outlets announced that both the album and song had dominated the iTunes charts worldwide.

Sources have reported that “Armageddon”has topped the Top Album charts in 25 regions, making it a major achievement for the group. This album has also marked aespa’s first No. 1 album on the chart.

According to reports, the album’s exposure extended to various countries including the United States, Australia, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, and Romania.

In addition, the song reached No. 1 in several other countries including Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Chile. This further showcases aespa’s worldwide influence as they topped various other charts aside from iTunes.

The girl group’s album achieved the top spot on both QQ Music and KuGou Music’s digital album sales charts in China, as well as appearing on AWA’s real-time trending chart.

The song “Armageddon,”which was the title track of the album, gained attention on multiple music charts in Korea, such as MelOn, Bugs, and Genie. This showcased the widespread interest of listeners towards aespa’s full album.

According to SM Entertainment, on May 27, “Armageddon”achieved 1.02 million stock pre-orders. The album has also followed the success of the group’s previous releases, including “Girls,””MY WORLD,”and “Drama.”

At the same time, the pre-release track “Supernova”has achieved a “Perfect All-Kill”on various domestic music charts. The song has attained the top spot on real-time, daily, and weekly charts on popular streaming platforms such as MelOn, Genie, Bugs, VIBE, YouTube, and FLO.

In addition, it has been reported by multiple sources that “Supernova”is also gaining popularity on Spotify, with over 33 million cumulative streams to date.

Great job to aespa for these amazing accomplishments!

To see the complete music video for “Armageddon,”click here.

This is how MYs responded to aespa’s latest music video:

  • “Aespa owns this type of music. They’re the type of group when you hear a song, you’ll immediately know it’s them. They’re that iconic and unique.”
  • “The visuals are even more insane.”
  • “In an industry where standards have been lowered to the ground, they just saved K-pop comebacks for this year in my opinion.”
  • “Only aespa can pull off such concepts.”
  • “Because aespa has some of the most original concepts I’ve ever seen in the music industry, its creative directors should get the biggest raise possible.”
  • “The way their last comeback was Drama, their best song, and now they just topped drama. They’re just getting better and better.”

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