aespa Giselle’s Photos Criticized for Over-Editing by Fansite

The SYNK: PARALLEL LINE tour by girl group aespa has been enthralling audiences around the globe. Devoted fansites have eagerly attended these events, armed with cameras, to capture and share the group’s breathtaking performances.

Despite its popularity, a specific fansite dedicated to member Giselle has faced backlash. A recent post on Nate Pann called out the site for heavily editing photos of the idol. The post’s title, “I can’t even recognize her,”accurately reflects the severity of the edits.

Aespa to Giselle
aespa Giselle (Photo : pann.nate)

Upon seeing these heavily altered images, fans and netizens wasted no time in comparing them to authentic video footage from the concert. While some may have perceived the changes as minor, the majority felt that they were superfluous and took away from Giselle’s inherent beauty.

The feedback from fans has been divided. Here are a few notable remarks from Nate Pann:

Aespa to Giselle
aespa Giselle (Photo : pann.nate)
  • “I wonder why the term ‘uncanny’ is so commonly used these days. You could just say the editing is rather severe, but because you call it ‘uncanny,’ it looks like a malicious comment.”
  • “I do agree that those photos were heavily edited, but Giselle is pretty these days.”
  • “You guys are calling everything ‘uncanny’ these days… Is it so uncanny for a fan to edit their idol?”
  • “She does look like this IRL though. Her visuals have been on the rise of late.”
  • “Giselle got pretty recently.”

Despite some fans defending the fansite’s edits and praising Giselle’s current visuals, there are still others who are critical of the excessive photoshopping. Nevertheless, it is evident that Giselle’s beauty, whether it is natural or edited, continues to radiate.

Despite recent rumors, fans of aespa’s Giselle were quick to deny any claims of plastic surgery after noticing her more mature appearance in the group’s latest release, “Drama.”They were confident that the change was simply a result of skillful styling and makeup, rather than any surgical procedures.

Despite facing accusations, supporters stood by her and pointed out her consistent facial features, while also condemning the speculative discussions on platforms such as Nate Pann. Giselle maintained that she did not undergo surgery, with fans also shedding light on the larger problem of invasive scrutiny in the entertainment world.

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