aespa Karina ‘Sulks’ To LE SSERAFIM Eunchae Because Of THIS — And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Despite causing Karina to sulk, Eunchae’s actions have only made fans love the aespa leader even more for her adorable charm.

This is what occurred.

aespa Karina 'Sulks' To LE SSERAFIM Eunchae Because Of THIS — And It's The Cutest Thing Ever
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On June 6, the 46th installment of Eunchae’s highly acclaimed show “Eunchae’s Stardiary”was aired, with aespa’s leader, Karina, making a special appearance as the guest.

During the program, the duo highlighted their strong bond and touched upon various subjects including aespa’s latest album “Armageddon,”the group’s activities, upcoming world tour, and other interesting topics.

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At 16:12, Eunchae continued with the segment “Ask Karina Anything with Eunchae,”featuring questions from adoring MYs. One of the questions asked how the two idols exchanged contacts on their phones, which Karina reiterated.

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During the conversation, the “Supernova”singer shared that she had given Eunchae a cute nickname in her phone. However, Eunchae playfully confessed that she had initially saved Karina’s contact as “Yoo Jimin Unnie,”causing Karina to pout in a cute manner, much to everyone’s amusement.

Karina: “I’m curious how you guys saved each other on the phone!”

Eunchae: “Oh, do you know?”

Karina: “No, I don’t. Do you know? How you’re saved (on my phone)?”

Eunchae: “I think I saw it the last time.”

Karina: “It’s pretty cute.”

Eunchae: “It used to be (saved as) Yoo Jimin unnie. But then I saw how you saved me and I felt bad so I changed it. I changed it! Now it’s pretty cute.”

Following that, the two shared their individual adorable pet names for one another.

Eunchae: “What is it?”

Karina: “I saved you as ‘Eung,’ it’s ‘Eungchae’ with a baby bottle milk emoji next to it.”

Eunchae: “It used to be Yoo Jimin Unnie, but after I saw that I was like, ‘oh my,’ and I changed it to ‘Jji-min’ now. Isn’t it cute? It’s Jji-min.”

Karina: “It’s very cute, I can tell that you tried.”

Eunchae: “I still have ‘Yoo.’”

View the entire video here:

The response of fans to Karina’s ‘tantrum’ was as follows:

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