aespa Winter’s Interesting Bubble Post: The Mystery Behind NewJeans

The singer of “Supernova”quickly gained attention on the internet.

aespa Winter Draws Attention For Posting THIS On Bubble — Why Is NewJeans Mentioned?
(Photo : Facebook, pann.nate)

On various social media platforms, the dance challenges of aespa and NewJeans have been gaining popularity as they interact with each other. In terms of interactions, it is common for K-pop groups to exchange albums as gifts with other artists.

Earlier on June 8, internet users created a discussion titled, “Winter Reveals Her NewJeans’ Album On Bubble.

The screenshot uploaded by the post’s author was captured from Winter’s Bubble conversation. The photo revealed Winter’s joyful revelation that NewJeans had gifted her a “How Sweet”album.

aespa Winter Draws Attention For Posting THIS On Bubble — Why Is NewJeans Mentioned?
(Photo : pann.nate)

Winter: “I received the album too.”

Winter: “We gave them ours too, and I took this while leaning it on the wall.”

Netizens expressed their joy in the comments section when they saw Winter proudly flaunting her “How Sweet”album, even in the midst of company tensions.

To provide more background, HYBE founder Bang Si Hyuk has received criticism from fans for his statement about aespa, which was disclosed during ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin’s press conference on April 25.

Min Hee Jin recently shared a conversation she had with Bang Si Hyuk where he asked if she could “crush aespa.”This revelation has sparked outrage among fans, leading to Bang Si Hyuk receiving backlash and hate from K-pop fans.

According to a few fans, Winter was known for not being concerned about these types of conflicts.

  • “Imagine doing a challenge with NewJeans in HYBE’s building at this time. You can tell that SM and aespa are NewJeans and Min Heejin’s side.”
  • “Winter too, even in the past, when HYBE and SM were on bad terms because of Lee Soo Man, she mentioned in a Circle Chart interview that she would listen to Hype Boy from NewJeans.”
  • “I feel like she’s the type who doesn’t care about that stuff and stands on her ground
aespa Winter Draws Attention For Posting THIS On Bubble — Why Is NewJeans Mentioned?
(Photo: pann.nate)
  • “(The song I listen to the most!)”
  • “I’m a NewJeans fan and I’m so grateful for them. But I’m worried that LE SSERAFIM’s fans would attack Winter.”
  • “I love both groups.”
  • “Ah. I love this too much. It’s nice to see both are successful.”

The consensus among international fans was that they were pleased to see the groups on good terms, as expressed in agreements. Additionally, fans called out other internet users who attempted to stir up conflict between aespa and other HYBE groups.

  • “I love that aespa is showing solidarity with new jeans god knows how tough these past few weeks must’ve been for them.”
  • “K-pop fans could really learn from these girls’ idgaf attitudes. The interaction between aespa and NewJeans and Karina was with Eunchae just before that.”
  • “You guys here are so funny and love to make up dramas. Aespa has good relationships with LE SSERAFIM too.”
  • “aespa honestly dgaf about corporate dramas and fanwars.”

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