aespa’s Ningning Ignored by Yonsei University? Fans Angered

At a recent music festival held at Yonsei University, aespa took to the stage as performers. However, despite the group’s presence, Ningning was not featured in any of Yonsei University’s Instagram posts about the event, which only showcased Karina, Winter, and Giselle.

Furthermore, when discussing the artists, Yonsei University made sure to mention and tag all of the performers at their music festival except for Ningning.


Despite Ningning’s efforts to gain recognition from Yonsei by posting a photo of herself wearing their uniform and tagging the school, she was ultimately ignored.

This has caused a strong response from Ningning’s supporters, who have begun trending phrases such as “WHERE IS NINGNING”and “TREAT NINGNING FAIRLY”on social media.

“As they questioned why Yonsei University solely overlooked Ningning, they also left scathing comments and tagged Yonsei’s official accounts.”

The source of this information is X, as shared on Instagram in a post with the URL

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