After 7 Hours of Questioning, Min Hee-jin Calls Charges Against Her “A Comedy”

Min Hee-jin emerged from the Yongsan Police Station on the evening of July 9 after her initial round of questioning regarding accusations of breach of trust.

Despite enduring a 7-hour interrogation, Min Hee-jin remained in good spirits. She explained, “Although today’s investigation was not planned, I had a lot to share and felt it was important to come in.”

min hee jin

She remarked, “To me, the breach of trust charges are almost comical,” and went on to say, “I still have a lot of evidence to present, which I plan to do through my lawyer.”

Meanwhile, Min Hee-jin had previously appeared at the Yongsan Police Station at 1:38 PM, dressed in a white T-shirt and her signature cap. Upon her arrival, she declared, “I will tell the truth. The accusation of breach of trust is baseless.”

min hee jin

Indeed, the outfit worn by Min Hee-jin, which features merchandise from the girl group NewJeans, became an instant hit and saw a surge in price.

In April, HYBE, the parent company of ADOR, raised concerns about Min Hee-jin’s alleged takeover of management rights and subsequently filed a report against her at the Yongsan Police Station.

As a result, Min Hee-jin organized a press conference to refute the allegations and also sought an injunction to prevent HYBE from utilizing its voting power. The court ultimately ruled in favor of Min Hee-jin, allowing her to continue her role as the producer of NewJeans.

The original source of the information can be found at Daum.

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