After 9 Months, Cignature Returns with Their 5th EP, Sweetie but Saltie

After a span of nine months following the debut of their hit single Us in the Summer in August 2023, cignature has returned with their highly anticipated 5th EP, Sweetie but Saltie.

With the release of Sweetie but Saltie, cignature intends to share tales of the joy and thrill of falling in love with their devoted followers, known as signfan.

(Photo : C9 Entertainment)

“Our new title track, 풍덩 (Poongdung),” represents summer’s young yet maturing love. I instantly liked the melody when I heard it, so I was counting down the days we could share with everyone. Thank you to all the fans who have waited for our comeback for about nine months, and we cannot wait to show a good performance.

“Smooth Sailing,”which was released last summer, talked about a girl who is excited for her first love or crush. Our new title track sings the story of a more mature girl falling deeply in love as if she’s diving into love with a splash or poongdung.

We hope to showcase a mature, improved version of cignature with this song, so please keep your eyes on our activities!”

– CHAESOL, cignature member

The album Sweetie but Saltie features four fresh tracks, including the title song 풍덩 (Poongdung),”which perfectly captures the essence of summer and portrays the unapologetic emotions of someone diving into love with no reservations.

The album contains two versions of “I like I like,” each offering a unique experience for listeners.

The phrase “I like I like” conveys the desire to reaffirm one’s feelings of love for another person, even if those feelings are already apparent to others.

The Korean and English versions of the song both convey the experience of falling in love for the first time, but with different focuses. While the Korean version emphasizes cuteness and innocence, the English version takes on a more casual and conversational tone, altering the lyrics to create an image of sharing one’s feelings with friends while still staying true to the original essence of the Korean version.

The EP’s closing track, “Melody,” delves into cignature’s personal emotions about their journey, with the lyrics reflecting on their past, present, and future while also expressing their genuine intentions towards music.

“We prepared another summer album just like last year, but the main difference lies in that while Us in the Summer had a feel-good mood, this year’s title track, 풍덩 (Poongdung),” is more refreshing with a sparkling vibe just like a carbonated soda.

There were other candidates for the title track, but we gave a lot of thought to finalizing it, which is why I have even more affection for it!

Also, we’re releasing Korean and English versions of one song for the first time. Sharing a song that will allow us to connect deeper with global signfans is very meaningful. We also included different lyrics for each version, so I hope you give them a lot of love and enjoy our performance with us.

Since signfans have waited for a long time, we hope this album satisfies their expectations.

cignature will be in charge of this year’s summer for our fans, so please listen to the new album a lot. We hope you like it!”

– SELINE, cignature member

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