Ahn Bo-hyun’s Appointment as Uniformed Personnel Ambassador: Impeccable Suit Fit Draws Admiration

In the 6th episode of “Backpacker 2,”a popular entertainment show on tvN, which was broadcasted on June 30th, the traveling cooking team was tasked with providing a nourishing meal to the firefighters stationed at the Hwaseong Fire Station. This fire station is known for having the highest number of fire dispatches in the entire country.

On this day, the traveling cooking team was tasked with preparing the most easily digestible and delectable nourishing meal for 110 individuals by 12 PM, as stated in the request letter they received.

ahn bo hyun

From the request letter, Baek Jong-won deduced that the client was most likely associated with the profession of firefighters. He went on to explain that June is considered the month of patriotism, and while most people associate it with independence fighters and soldiers, it also includes all uniformed personnel. This includes not only police and military officers, but also firefighters and correctional officers.

Baek Jong-won was reminded that Ahn Bo-hyun had been chosen as an ambassador for uniformed personnel. When Baek Jong-won asked, “Isn’t that you?”, Ahn Bo-hyun confirmed and explained the proper way to greet uniformed personnel. Baek Jong-won added, “If this information was widely known, it would instill a sense of pride in people when they encounter uniformed personnel.”

In the footage that was released, Ahn Bo-hyun’s appearance in “Backpacker 2″was quite casual, but he surprised viewers with his impeccable suit that earned him admiration.

The source can be found on daum.

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