Ailee’s Romantic Partner Revealed to be Choi Si-hoon from Singles Inferno Cast

As reported by News1 on May 14th, the boyfriend that Ailee had introduced in March was Choi Si-hoon.

In 2019, Choi Si-hoon made his acting debut by taking on lead roles in the dramas “I Started Following Romance”and “Standby Curator”. Since then, he has also been featured in “Cafe Kilimanjaro”, “Romanced”, and other productions as he continues to pursue his career as an actor.

choi si hun

Specifically, he took part in Netflix’s 2021 series “Singles Inferno”and captured a lot of attention with his incredibly handsome appearance.

In March, Ailee made the announcement that she was in a relationship and introduced her partner as a “non-celebrity businessman”. It has also been reported that Choi Si-hoon runs a restaurant in Jongno, Seoul.


At the time, Ailee expressed, “I know the sudden news of my romantic relationship must have surprised everyone, but I am grateful for all the congratulatory messages. We are happily dating and I hope for your support. I promise to come back and share even better news. Thank you.”

In 1989, Ailee was born and began her career in the entertainment industry. She made her acting debut in 2012 with KBS 2TV’s drama “Dream High 2” and also released her first digital single “Heaven” in the same year. Since then, she has captured the hearts of music listeners with several hit songs, including “I Will Show You” , “U & I” , “Singing Got Better” , “Evening Sky” , “I Will Go To you Like The First Snow” , “Don’t Touch Me” , “Mind Your Own” , and “Ice Flower” .

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