Alan Wake 2 North Star: The Ideal Temperature for Roasting Coffee Beans Discovered

In Alan Wake 2’s initial significant expansion, Night Springs, Jesse Faden makes a comeback to the Remedy Universe. In her search for her brother, she finds herself at Coffee World, the theme park located in Bright Falls. During her journey, she must unlock multiple containers and tackle a few mathematical puzzles for unknown reasons. In case you struggle to determine the perfect roasting temperature for coffee beans, here is the answer to help you complete her task.

Optimal Roasting Temperature for Coffee Beans

The recommended roasting temperature for coffee beans in Alan Wake 2 North Star is 487.

To understand the effectiveness of this method, we must analyze the three clues that have been given.

  • The temperature is above the combined total of the triangles. This indicates that the sum of the internal angles is 180, as shown by 60 + 60 + 60.
  • The initial digit of the temperature is equivalent to half of the second digit, while the third digit is one digit less than its predecessor.
  • The temperature is both below 500 and a prime number.

The range is from 180 to 500, with the second hint being the most crucial. The answer being 487 is due to 4 being half of 8, and 7 being one less than the number before, which is 8. Therefore, the correct answer is 487.

Once you have inputted the accurate temperature, return to the Warehouse and use the intercom for a second time. Following this, there is one final task you must complete before gaining entry to the next warehouse.

Fortunately, there are no additional math problems in North Star, and the overall experience is not overly time-consuming. It’s enjoyable to once again take on the role of Jesse, and we eagerly anticipate seeing more of her in the near future.

We are thoroughly enjoying playing through the three episodes of Night Springs, which is a fantastic expansion. The first episode takes us on a comical adventure through Bright Falls, culminating in an epic boss battle.

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