All the enemies of Helldivers 2: bestiary, weaknesses, location…

What would Helldivers 2 be without its cast of formidable enemies? In this guide, we introduce you to each enemy, their weaknesses, and where to find them.

Helldivers 2 wouldn’t be nearly as great without its epic enemies – each participating in the chaos that makes the game so charming. No PvE shooter is complete without a few dangerous enemies. In the second opus of Helldivers, the fight for freedom involves eradicating a bunch of unsavory critters that will litter your wake after unleashing hell on the battlefield.

In order to successfully complete your mission and reach the max level, it is better to know all these formidable opponents inside out. This guide will allow you to learn more about each enemy. What does he look like outside of combat? What is its weak point? Where to find it? We tell you everything!

Helldivers 2 Bestiary: List of enemies, location, weakness

So here’s everything you need to know:

Name Appearance Localisation Weaknesses
Scavenger Terminid Planets Fire
Warrior Terminid Planets Head, Fire
Hunter Terminid Planets Fire
Stalker Terminid Planets Fire
Acid Spitter (Bile Spewer) Terminid Planets Green parts of the abdomen
Corrosive Titan (Bile Titan) Terminid Planets Belly
Charger (Charge) Terminid Planets Posterior
Commandant (Brood Commander) Terminid Planets Fire
Trooper, Raider, Marauder Automaton Planets
Commissar Automaton Planets
Scout Strider Automaton Planets Pilot
Berserker Automaton Planets Head, red parts of the torso
Devastating Automaton Planets Bras
Hulk Automaton Planets Arms and back
Tank Automaton Planets Explosives
Drop shipping Automaton Planets Explosives

Thanks to this list, you will be able to face the enemies of Helldivers 2 more calmly. Remember to exploit the weak points of each opponent to eliminate them as quickly as possible and not let yourself be overwhelmed.

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