Apex Legends players abandon “terrible” new Battle Pass as price doubles

According to some Apex Legends players, the recently announced changes to the Battle Pass have left them extremely dissatisfied and they have decided not to purchase it.

The upcoming Season 22 will feature significant changes to the Battle Pass. These updates will consist of the addition of a new Premium+ option, two 60 Tier Battle Passes per split instead of one 110 Tier pass, revised rewards and pricing, and the elimination of the option to buy the BP with Apex Coins.

Players are furious as they are unable to purchase the pass with Apex Coins, even though Respawn Entertainment claimed to have implemented these changes to offer more rewards at a lower cost.

Under the announcement on X, players expressed their dissatisfaction with the new changes. One player exclaimed, “What?! We can’t use our Apex coins to purchase the BP? This must be a change made by EA, because that’s absolutely ridiculous.”Another player chimed in, “So we can’t even use our leftover Apex coins from last season to buy the new season pass? That’s terrible.”

Despite being marketed as a discounted option, players will still need to buy two Battle Passes within a single season. Additionally, in order to receive the full range of rewards, they will have to purchase the Premium+ package, which comes with a hefty price tag of $19.99/£17.99.

As a result, players who desire to obtain all rewards available in a season will have to pay $40/£35.98. The high cost prompted professional Apex player Hambino to criticize EA for being “money hungry.”

Despite stating that they “won’t be buying another BP,”some have claimed that they will not be purchasing it once the new system goes live in Season 22, even though they have bought every single pass since its launch.

Given the rapid and intense backlash, it remains to be seen if Respawn will issue a response. In the meantime, the development team is likely prioritizing the upcoming season’s content, with leaked information suggesting a new map and a revamp for Lifeline.

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