Apex Legends players criticize EA for Battle Pass changes

Respawn and EA have recently announced major changes to the Apex Legends Battle Pass system, which have been met with dissatisfaction from players.

The restructuring of the Battle Pass, which was announced on July 8, brought about three significant changes to the system. These changes include the removal of the option to purchase the pass using Apex Coins, the association of the pass with splits instead of seasons, and the introduction of a new Premium Battle Pass tier.

Despite the announcement framing the overhaul as beneficial for players by rewarding them with more content overall, the Apex community has promptly criticized the addition of these changes, stating that it only adds more transactions to the game.

Despite the shift away from allowing players to purchase the premium pass using Apex Coins, the biggest source of frustration for players has been the outcry on social media.

“I can’t believe we can’t use our Apex coins from last season to purchase the new season pass,”expressed one player on X.

In previous seasons, players were able to purchase the premium battle pass and use the Apex Coins earned from completing it to offset the cost of the next season’s pass.

This feature enabled players to make a one-time purchase of the Battle Pass and receive the following few for free, as long as they put in enough gameplay hours to earn additional Apex Coins.

According to Apex Legends content creator SoaR Lumi, Respawn noticed a decline in profits due to players saving their coins from previous battle passes to purchase the next ones. As a result, instead of addressing major game issues, the company opted to release a new version of the battle pass.

Some critics noted that EA and Respawn’s decision to tie the pass to splits rather than the full season means players will essentially be paying twice as much as they did under the previous system. For example, if a player wishes to buy the top-tier pass for the entire Season 22, they will have to spend $20 for the first split and another $20 for the second.

According to professional Apex player Hambino, the battle pass now costs $40 per season and is no longer available for purchase with apex coins. This decision by EA, known for their greediness in the past, has been deemed as one of their worst moves yet by Hambino on social media.

As Season 21 draws to a close, Apex is seeing a significant decrease in active players. This decline coincides with a lack of quality-of-life improvements, which many believe to be the cause of people leaving the game.

It is uncertain if the game’s player numbers will be affected by these changes during Season 22. However, the developers are offering players a chance to test out the new system for free at the beginning of the season. This could potentially alter the players’ opinions once the new content is introduced.

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