Ash Island Reveals Marriage and Pregnancy with Japanese Rapper Chanmina

On July 7th, both Ash Island and Chanmina announced their marriage and pregnancy on their social media accounts, sharing the news in Korean, Japanese, and English.

Ash Island Chanmina

Ash Island joyfully shared, “Chanmina and I have made a lifelong commitment to each other. I am filled with gratitude and excitement at the thought of starting a family with Mina, who has always been my unwavering source of support.”

He announced, “We have been blessed with the arrival of a baby! I am filled with immense gratitude and happiness, and I am grateful to be able to share this joy with so many others,” revealing their pregnancy.

Ash Island Chanmina

Furthermore, he stated, “My enduring and exclusive partnership with Ambition Music, a company that has always felt like family to me, has come to an end.”

Chanmina also announced, “I am soon to be wed to Ash Island. I am overjoyed to officially become part of his family, as he is the only person in my life who holds my heart, my dearest companion, and my closest confidant.”

She stated, “Our goal is to create a strong family unit, and I am committed to continuously improving myself in order to be the best mother possible,”inspiring positive reactions.

In June, the collaboration music of Ash Island and Chanmina, who were born in 1999 and 1998 respectively, garnered attention.

Chanmina, a prominent artist among the Japanese Gen Z, performed her debut solo concert in Korea during the month of February. Ash Island also made a guest appearance during the concert.

Excitement surrounds the news among fans, as evidenced by reactions such as, “I had no idea they were even dating, this is incredible,””It’s amazing that they’re becoming parents and getting married simultaneously,”and “I’m in disbelief that two rappers I’m familiar with are now a couple.”

The source of the information is Nate.

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