ATEEZ’s San on Racial Discrimination Controversy

During a live broadcast on the fan community, San discussed the recent Dolce & Gabbana event on July 8th.

San addressed the backlash surrounding his unconventional attire and the absence of a cushion at his seat. He revealed that he had tried on a total of 10 outfits, all of which were approved by staff and his company. He personally found the controversial outfit to be stylish and suitable from a modern artistic standpoint. After consulting with his company, they agreed that he should wear it.

San responded to the accusation that his seat was the only one lacking a cushion by explaining that he had no other option due to the presence of a large person sitting next to him. Additionally, he mentioned his own size and introverted nature as factors that made him feel the need to lean forward in the narrow seat.

“He expressed, “It saddens me that there have been misunderstandings. I want to clarify that there was no such incident. My trip was filled with unforgettable memories. I am addressing this to prevent any misunderstandings, as there was no issue at all. Please, let there be no misunderstandings.”

San also shared that the event organizers had showered him with love and attention. During dinner, Grandpa Dolce (Domenico Dolce) had told him, “Italy loves you”and complimented him with many kind words.

He expressed, “I was treated kindly by the representative from the Korean branch as well. They accommodated my requests for schedule changes, rest, and activities that I wanted. (Domenico Dolce) reminded me of my grandfather, which touched me deeply.”

The speaker added, “I cannot help but boast to all of you. I was showered with love and admiration at the event, as the celebrities present recognized and appreciated me. They even exclaimed, ‘Is that San?’ and eagerly asked to take photos with me, which was truly an honor and brought me immense joy.”

Before, on July 2nd (local time), San had attended the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda show in Nora, Sardinia, Italy.

San was dressed in a chocolate-colored top, taking inspiration from Baroque-style sculptures, paired with wide flare pants. However, this ensemble caused some issues as there were rumors that the outfit was too daring for an Asian person to wear.

Additionally, the controversy surrounding San facing racial discrimination intensified when photos surfaced of him sitting without a cushion between attendees during the show. Despite this, San personally refuted these accusations in an attempt to alleviate the situation.

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