BABYMONSTER Asa Causes Controversy for Having ‘Star Disease’

Prior to their fan meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, BABYMONSTER organized a string of events. The seven talented members of the rookie girl group never fail to captivate the fans in attendance. However, one member, Asa, sparked controversy due to speculation of exhibiting ‘star disease’ and disregarding the fans.

Although the rest of the BABYMONSTER members were happily greeting and waving to fans, Asa chose to cover her face and walk straight past the area where fans were gathered. This caused some controversy as some speculated that Asa may have a diva attitude, despite being a rookie in the industry.

When BABYMONSTER happily greeted fans…
… Asa (at the back) covered her face and walked straight past the waiting fans

Despite the previous video showing Asa moving to the back, she still took the time to wave and say goodbye to her waiting fans. This new angle, captured in a different clip, proves that the rumors about Asa’s supposed ‘star disease’ are entirely baseless. In fact, a separate backstage clip from the Thailand event showcased Asa’s genuine excitement and joy upon receiving gifts from her fans, effectively dispelling any false claims of her having a diva attitude.

A video of Asa that was posted by the online community.

baby monster asa
From another angle, Asa waved and said goodbye to the waiting fans
baby monster asa
Also at an event in Thailand, Asa was visibly excited when receiving gifts from fans
baby monster asa
Asa is a member loved by the audience for her songwriting and rapping talent in BABYMONSTER

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