Backlash Against Yonsei University for Neglecting aespa NingNing

At the latest Yonsei University music festival, the popular K-pop group aespa faced backlash when fans noticed that the university’s social media posts and acknowledgments did not mention them.

Despite Karina, Winter, and Giselle receiving plenty of attention, it appeared that their fellow member Ningning was noticeably missing from the spotlight.

Despite being a performer at the festival, Ningning was noticeably absent from Yonsei University’s promotional material.

It was noticed by fans that the university’s Instagram posts promoting the event only included photos of Karina, Winter, and Giselle, without any mention of Ningning.

Karina (Photo: Instagram)
aespa (Photo: Instagram)

Additionally, the exclusion also applied to the official post that listed all the performers, with Yonsei University tagging every performer except for Ningning, causing fans to feel confused and angry about the apparent neglect.

In addition to the ongoing controversy, Ningning further fueled the discussion by posting a photo on social media of herself wearing the Yonsei uniform, a gesture of gratitude towards the event.

Following the exclusion, supporters of Ningning quickly took action on various social media platforms, creating hashtags like “WHERE IS NINGNING”and “TREAT NINGNING FAIRLY”in order to voice their dissatisfaction and call for Yonsei University to take responsibility.

The incident has given rise to a heated discussion among internet users, with numerous individuals questioning the reasoning behind Yonsei University’s seeming lack of concern for Ningning.

The university’s actions were met with an onslaught of criticism on social media, with many calling for fair treatment of all members of aespa.


why did Yonsei University only ignore ningning? She posted a photo of herself wearing Yonsei uniform on May 25, and mentioned Yonsei in her instagram, Is there only 3 members in aespa?

Treat every member fairly!

Are you even serious?!

This is Insane

Yongsei University why are you doing this?

Yonsei University is facing mounting pressure to address the concerns of its fans and resolve the issue at hand.

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