Baldur’s Gate 3 players dream of a new quest with Orin

A Baldur’s Gate 3 player has pointed out a “missed opportunity”in Orin’s development, and fans are excited about a new quest idea.

In a game as large as Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s inevitable that some details won’t be as elaborate as some players would have liked. Obviously, that didn’t stop Baldur’s Gate 3 as a whole from being critically acclaimed.

Among the small dark spots of the incredible RPG, we find the development of a handful of characters that players would have liked to see more in-depth. And among them, the chosen one of Bhaal Orin, who is none other than one of the main antagonists of Baldur’s Gate 3.

But while Ketheric or even Gortash have a massive impact on their environment and are widely mentioned throughout the adventure, Orin is more discreet, although this is explained by his ambitions which are very different from those of these friends.

Players then thought about ways that could have been used to further develop the fascinating character of Orin. And an idea quickly won the hearts of fans.

Baldur’s Gate 3 player suggests ingenious new quest with Orin

A Reddit user under the pseudonym BardMessenger24 shared a player named meggannn’s ingenious idea for the character Orin on February 22.

According to the latter, Larian Studios missed an opportunity to create a quest that was as funny as it was interesting around the character Orin, whose ability to metamorphose allows him to take on the appearance of any person.

“A missed opportunity in BG3 is to have Orin transform into you and just be there when you return to camp, chilling with the companions you didn’t take that day. You would then have a “prove to us that you are the real you” scene where you have to roll dice to convince companions who are not in your current team that you are indeed yourself.”

This would be so fucking funny byu/BardMessenger24 inBaldursGate3

In addition to presenting a funny scene, this quest would also make it possible to take advantage of the bonds forged with the companions since the start of the adventure. Indeed, meggannn specifies that a companion with whom we are in a relationship would recognize us immediately, while a companion without any particular affinity would be more difficult to convince, for example.

However, Orin’s metamorphosis scenes are already particularly striking, and many players have been trapped during their first game. If Orin’s development is quite limited, the few scenes where she appears clearly do not leave one indifferent.

Although it seems unlikely that such an ambitious quest will be implemented in the game, we are never safe from a surprise. Indeed, Larian Studios is releasing a series of patches, each time surprising players with significant improvements to their already excellent game.

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