BELIFT LAB’s ‘ILLIT-core’ Claim Bashed by Fashion Elite

On June 11, the world of fashion was marked by an interesting confrontation when Belift Lab introduced the notion of “ILLIT-core”fashion, sparking strong disapproval from an experienced member of the fashion industry.

The controversial topic was brought up on the Korean website ‘theqoo‘, leading to a lively discussion that attracted more than 60,000 viewers and generated 200 comments.

ILLIT(Photo : theqoo)

Belift Lab’s announcement of developing a unique style called ‘ILLIT-core’ exclusively for their girl group, ILLIT, sparked interest within the fashion industry. However, the introduction of this supposedly groundbreaking style was met with doubt from a fashion expert.

Expressing disbelief, the industry expert remarked, “What part of the fashion world recognizes the new term ‘ILLIT-core’? I have substantial experience in numerous seasonal launches, yet the term ‘ILLIT-core’ has never found relevance in the industry discourse.”

Moreover, the statement expanded on the absence of connection with well-known fashion figures, raising doubts about the reasoning behind the use of the term.

Following the expert’s critique, netizens expressed comparable skepticism towards the “ILLIT-core”concept. The comment section was filled with mockery and disbelief, as many questioned the validity and boldness of Belift Lab’s assertion.

ILLIT(Photo : theqoo)

Despite the declaration of style, there were concerns raised by netizens regarding the significance and influence of ILLIT in the fashion industry, further diminishing its credibility.

Displayed below are excerpts of the remarks made by internet users:

  • “ILLIT-core feels like a forced notion; even ILLIT lacks recognition in my circle.”
  • “Belift Lab’s casual approach without proper research is evident in this unnecessary term.”
  • “Where did this term even emerge from? It seems disconnected from reality.”
  • “Min Hee-jin core holds more sway than ILLIT-core in the current scene.”
  • “As someone in the design realm, I find the notion of ‘ILLIT-core’ utterly baffling and unfamiliar.”

The disagreement between Belift Lab’s assertion of “ILLIT-core”and the criticism from an industry expert highlights the critical nature of the fashion world and the reluctance to accept new terminology in the fashion vocabulary.

Belift Lab, the management company responsible for overseeing K-pop groups ILLIT and ENHYPEN, has recently stirred up controversy with their decision to file a lawsuit against ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin for defaming ILLIT.

Despite some praising the decision to protect ILLIT, ENHYPEN supporters are voicing their criticism towards the company for neglecting comparable issues faced by their beloved idols. This legal action has sparked renewed debates on the unequal treatment of artists within the same label.

The supporters of ILLIT are optimistic for a favorable result, while ENHYPEN fans are eagerly anticipating equal support and protection from Belift Lab. This situation highlights the difficulties of ensuring artist protection in the highly competitive K-pop industry.

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