Below Deck Med Guests Pitch in to Help Crew Make Late-Night Snacks

The guests aboard the charter on Season 9 of Below Deck Mediterranean took matters into their own hands by requesting late-night snacks after the chef had gone to bed.

Jacob Ward, the primary charter guest, and his group of influencer friends were the debut guests on the ninth season of Below Deck Mediterranean. Their experience on the Mustique had already gotten off to a challenging beginning.

The crew’s supplies arrived late, resulting in the guests having to go without food multiple times throughout the charter. This included the absence of wine and rose, which never arrived.

Despite the situation already being bad, the crew requested late-night snacks like nachos and grilled cheese. However, when second stew Elena Dubaich attempted to wake up Chef Johnathan Shillingford, he refused to get out of bed.

During a preview for Episode 2, which will be broadcast on June 10, the guests assisted Elena and deckhand Gael Cameron in preparing food and drinks to meet their needs.

“Do you also want to make some drinks?”the second stew asked the guests.

“Ben, one of the guests, took over the bar to make drinks and said, “We need a muddler and a cocktail shaker.”He then added jokingly, “We’re teaching you.”

After Ben and his friend Alfie had served the drinks to the group, their other friend Simon remarked, “The service is better than what the crew provides.”

Below Deck Med charter guests

The charter guests helped the crew make food and drinks on Below Deck Med.

Simon proceeded to join Elena and Gael in the kitchen to assist with making grilled cheese sandwiches.

“Alright, instead of complaining, we prefer to take action and fix things. I’ll be the one to save the day,”he announced to the crew members.

“I’ll serve it, people are angry,”Simon suggested as he handed out the avocado grilled cheese to his friends.

Despite their feelings of guilt for not being able to handle the demanding guests, Gael and Elena were surprised when the guests offered to take over instead of giving them orders.

To avoid being overwhelmed by the demands of the guests, the crew members of Below Deck Med will need to prepare in advance for their next charter.

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