Below Deck’s Ben dragged for turning Season 11 boatmance into a joke

Ben Willoughby faced criticism from fans after joking about his boatmance with Sunny Marquis on social media during Below Deck Season 11.

During Below Deck Season 11, Bosun Ben Willoughby and deckhand Sunny Marquis had a tumultuous boatmance that was filled with both ups and downs during the charter season.

Despite both Sunny and Ben agreeing that they were not officially a couple, Sunny couldn’t help but question Ben’s feelings for her whenever she saw him flirting with other women.

Ben posted an Instagram photo on May 16 featuring himself and Sunny from their Season 11 photoshoot. In the picture, the Lead Deckhand is tying him in a knot while holding the string.

“The Bosun humorously referred to his boatmance on the St. David as being in a bit of a pickle in his caption for the post.”

Beneath the post, fans of Below Deck criticized Ben in the comments and made derogatory remarks about his relationship with Sunny.

One fan playfully joked about the possibility of the Below Deck stars getting married in the future by saying they would be “tying the knot,”using a clever pun.

One fan praised Sunny as the “whole package”and advised Ben to pursue her instead of the other way around.

A third fan expressed their desire for Sunny to realize the truth about Ben and end their relationship, as they believed he treated her unjustly on the show.

Nevertheless, Sunny did not harbor any resentment towards Ben’s post and playfully responded with her reaction in a comment.

“When she asked, “Do you want to tickle my pickle for a nickel?”, Ben replied with a confident “Deal.”

Despite receiving criticism from Below Deck fans for his treatment of Sunny during their relationship, Ben and the crew members remain on good terms and continue to stay in touch even after the show.

Despite Captain Kerry Titheradge publicly criticizing Ben’s career, Sunny remained loyal and even defended him. Therefore, their playful banter on social media should not be taken seriously.

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