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XDefiant is composed of 5 factions, with Echelon being particularly well-known within the community for its exceptional stealth and intelligence capabilities. Their expertise enables them to effectively ambush and disorientate enemies, all while remaining undetected on the minimap.

Echelon operatives possess the ability to identify and track enemies on both the map and in their immediate vicinity, giving their team a crucial tactical advantage. As a result, the most effective loadouts for the Echelon faction are tailored to either close or long-range combat. This consideration is taken into account when designing optimal loadouts.

Best Loadouts for Echelon Faction

The most effective loadouts for the Echelon Faction in XDefiant are listed below:

Weapon Type Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Throwable/Equipment
Submachine Gun (SMG) Vector. 45 ACP 93R Handgun Flashbang Grenade
Shotgun AA-12 93R Handgun Flashbang Grenade
Sniper Rifle TAC – 50 93R Handgun Proximity Mine

1. Recommended SMG Loadout for Echelon Faction

Vector .45 ACP in XDefiant
Vector .45 ACP SMG in XDefiant | Source: In-game Screenshot

If your weapon of choice is SMGs, then the Vector. 45 is the top option. This powerful gun packs a punch and its lightweight construction enables swift movement and strategic flanking.

When combined with the abilities of the ‘Intel Suit’ and ‘Digital Ghillie Suit,’ this weapon becomes extremely powerful in the right hands. It is recommended to continue using the 93R as your secondary weapon due to its high damage rate and confirmed ability to kill with just two bursts.

Suggested Attachments for Vector. 45:

  • Barrel – Chrome Lined
  • Front Rail – Small Vert
  • Optics – Reflex
  • Magazine – Quick Mag
  • Stock – Padded

2. Recommended Shotgun Loadout for Echelon Faction

AA-12 in XDefiant
AA-12 Shotgun in XDefiant | Source: In-game Screenshot

The AA-12 is the optimal shotgun for use with the Echelon Faction. Its ability to shoot automatically and deliver high levels of damage make it the ideal weapon for flanking enemies and eliminating them with a single shot.

Just like the SMG, the Low Profile, Intel Suit, and Digital Ghillie Suit abilities of the Echelon faction synergize well with the AA-12, a close-range weapon. It’s wise to have the 93R sidearm ready in case you exhaust your shotgun ammunition.

Suggested Attachments for AA-12:

  • Muzzle – Barrel Extender
  • Barrel – Chrome Lined
  • Front Rail – Pistol
  • Rear Grip – Quick Draw Grip
  • Stock – Lightweight Stock

3. Optimal Sniper Rifle Loadout for Echelon Faction

TAC-50 in XDefiant
TAC-50 in XDefiant | Source: In-game Screenshot

The Echelon faction is renowned for their stealth and precision, making the TAC-50 the ideal weapon for their operatives. As a member of this faction, you should never be without this top-of-the-line sniper rifle.

Despite its somewhat limited range, this long-range weapon is ideal for achieving a one-shot kill and can still be highly effective in a skilled lobby.

The digital ghillie suit is most effective when paired with a sniper rifle. However, for maximum safety, it is important to also set a proximity mine behind you.

Suggested Attachments for TAC-50:

  • Muzzle- Muzzle Booster
  • Barrel- Rapid Fire
  • Optic– CQBSS Scope 8x
  • Rear Grip- Quick Draw Gri
  • Stock- Lightweight Stock

About XDefiant

XDefiant is a high-speed arena shooter that is available for free. It merges intense gun battles with customized loadouts and unique factions, as groups of combatants compete for control.

Developed by Ubisoft San Francisco, this game boasts a robust collection of 13 maps and 4 game modes, as previously announced. It heavily draws inspiration from other popular Ubisoft titles such as Far Cry 6.

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