BIGBANG Daesung’s Emotional Confession Goes Viral — ‘I Basically Fancied Her for Four Years’

On the June 4th episode of MBN’s latest television program “Korea-Japan Top 10 Show,”DAESUNG from the popular K-pop group BIGBANG opened up about his first love and the heartache he experienced.

The segment, which centered on popular love songs from Korea and Japan, served as a platform for DAESUNG to share his childhood emotions.

During the show, a heated musical competition ensued, but things took a personal turn when one of the hosts, Kangnam, inquired about Japanese singer Mirai’s first love. Mirai fondly recalled a boy she had feelings for throughout her elementary school years, but never had the courage to confess to him.

The artist’s status remained the same after signing with the new label R&D Company.

DAESUNG was inspired by her story and decided to share his own experience.

“My first love was during elementary school as well. There was a girl I liked from first to fourth grade. So, I basically fancied her for four years,”he shared.

BIGBANG Daesung(Photo : SBS news)

DAESUNG continued, “I really wanted to tell her my feelings toward the end of fourth grade when I had to transfer to another school. Two days before transferring schools, thinking it was now or never, I ran up to her and confessed, saying ‘I like you. I really like you.’”

The candid revelation drew a reaction from Kangnam, who laughed and remarked, “That’s really cute. The way you confessed is just so you!”

Despite displaying great courage, DAESUNG’s confession did not yield the desired response.

BIGBANG Daesung(Photo : SBS news)

“I knew that we weren’t going to start going out or anything since I was moving and stuff, but I didn’t get any response from her until I transferred schools. In the end, I just transferred schools, feeling all embarrassed,”he admitted.

DAESUNG’s heartfelt tale of youth and heartache struck a chord with numerous viewers, bringing a poignant and intimate touch to the “Korea-Japan Top 10 Show.”His candidness and vulnerability in sharing his emotions and journey only further solidify his bond with fans around the globe.

During an exclusive interview with Allure Korea, Daesung of BIGBANG delved into his ongoing Japan Live Tour 2024, his performing style, and his 18-year career.

Daesung highlighted the incomparable happiness that comes with performing and elaborated on his approach to crafting harmonious sets for his concerts. As he looked back on his extensive experience in the music world, Daesung conveyed a sense of satisfaction with his journey and appreciation for his devoted fan base, also known as VIPs. Despite this, his sights remain set on the future. He acknowledged the importance of witnessing his fans grow and thrive in society, acknowledging the enduring nature of his career.

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