BIGBANG G-Dragon’s Appointment as KAIST Professor Causes Stir Among K-Netz

The prestigious Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has made a groundbreaking announcement appointing BIGBANG leader G-Dragon, also known as Kwon Jiyong, as a special professor.

As reported by OSEN, G-Dragon will receive his official letter of appointment following the “Innovate Korea 2024″talk show, which is scheduled to be held at the KAIST headquarters in Daejeon.

“Innovate Korea 2024″is a highly anticipated event, jointly organized by KAIST, the National Science and Technology Research Council, and the Herald Media Group. This forum will provide an important platform for exploring the latest technological developments and their potential impact.

The event will be co-hosted by G-Dragon, President Lee Kwang Hyung of KAIST, and Choi Yong Ho of Galaxy Corporation.

This partnership is anticipated to showcase an innovative blend of entertainment and state-of-the-art technology.

G-Dragon’s presentation will explore the future of K-Pop, with a specific emphasis on the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) and K-content.

As a musician and fashion icon, G-Dragon’s unconventional approach is eagerly awaited by fans.

In addition, his conversation may provide intriguing clues about his highly anticipated return, scheduled for later this year. Since joining Galaxy Corporation in the previous year, G-Dragon has consistently shown a fascination with AI and its potential uses in the entertainment world.

Attending the CES 2024 IT exhibition in Las Vegas earlier this year, he reinforced his dedication towards exploring the relationship between technology and creativity.

Furthermore, the public’s excitement and curiosity has been further stoked by a recent Instagram story showcasing a jacket adorned with the KAIST logo.

The announcement of G-Dragon’s academic appointment has caused a stir on social media, as fans and netizens express their surprise and enthusiasm.

G-Dragon (Photo : Instagram)
  • “Wow, no one really knows where someone will end up. GD as a professor?”
  • “Professor Kwon… this is really happening.”
  • “If I was in middle school, I would study so hard to go to KAIST.”
  • “I should have studied harder… but man, his career is legendary… a professor in his thirties.”
  • “OMG Omg G-Dragon becomes a special professor “

The designation of G-Dragon as a special professor at KAIST is a noteworthy achievement in his diverse career.

Recognized for his impact on the music industry, this new position showcases his potential to extend his influence to the academic and technological fields as well.

The intersection of music and technology has sparked curiosity among fans, who are eagerly anticipating the emergence of innovative projects and collaborations.

Additionally, the excitement for his upcoming album, his first solo release in approximately seven years, is heightened by the anticipation surrounding it.

G-Dragon’s talent for reinventing himself and pushing boundaries has consistently fascinated audiences globally.

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