BLACKPINK Member Jisoo’s Image Spotted in True Crime Documentary

Fans of BLACKPINK were taken aback when they found out that a picture of Jisoo, one of the members of the group, was featured in a YouTube documentary about a real-life crime.

On June 26, the video “The Cops Had A Nervous Breakdown From What They Saw!! Case of Heather Rich | True Crime Documentary”was released on the YouTube channel “DETECTIVE BROOKS STORIES”. Surprisingly, despite having no connection to BLACKPINK, the video quickly captured the interest of the group’s fans.

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Upon observation, it was discovered that the video documenting the criminal record of a made-up suspect named “Octavia”featured an image of Jisoo. The profile was unusual as it listed both “He/him”and “She/her”as the pronouns for Octavia. Furthermore, the file stated that Octavia was a bisexual individual from the Philippines.

The sudden inclusion of Jisoo in the video has prompted some playful banter among fans, who do not view her appearance as significant. Several fans took to social media to share screenshots from the documentary, accompanied by captions such as “I think I’m in love with a lawbreaker”and “She’s always around when a crime occurs,”demonstrating their lighthearted responses.

Despite some fans expressing concerns about the improper use of Jisoo’s image, the YouTube channel has faced criticism for potentially exploiting her likeness to gain more visibility. This is especially evident as the video featuring Jisoo has received considerably more attention than the rest of the channel’s content.

Blissoo, Jisoo’s agency, has not responded to the situation.

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Additionally, it has been announced that Jisoo will be returning to the screen with the upcoming drama “Influenza,”in which she will be co-starring with Park Jeong Min. While there have been rumors that the drama will start airing in August 2024, an official confirmation has not yet been made.

Additionally, BLACKPINK has announced that they will be focusing on solo activities in the second half of 2024. This decision has caused some division among their dedicated fanbase, known as BLINKs.

In addition, Jisoo is set to mark her first appearance on the big screen as Lee Ji Hye in the movie version of the webtoon “Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint.”She will be joined by K-drama veteran, Lee Min Ho.

Jisoo announced the launch of her own entertainment agency, Blissoo, in February 2021. She is now one of three BLACKPINK members to have their own agencies.

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