BLACKPINK Member’s Chinese Social Media Account Draws Attention Amid Smoking Controversy

In a recent incident, Jennie from BLACKPINK was caught up in a scandal when she was seen smoking a vape indoors in Italy, where smoking inside is prohibited by law. While Jennie has issued a formal apology, some Korean netizens are questioning its sincerity as it was released through her management company instead of coming directly from her. This has raised doubts about whether she personally wrote the apology.

blackpink jennie weibo
blackpink jennie weibo

Amidst the scandal, on July 10, numerous individuals noticed that Jennie’s verified account on the Chinese social media platform Weibo had suddenly displayed the status “online”. This action sparked several inquiries within the online community.

It is believed that Jennie accessed this social network to observe the Chinese netizens’ responses to the smoking controversy. Some speculate that employees from ODD ATELIER, her company, took charge of the account after receiving complaints from fans about it being neglected. Meanwhile, many speculate that Jennie may make a comeback in the near future and thus, it is crucial for ODD ATELIER to carefully prepare their Weibo account, as announcements on all social networks are highly significant.

jennie blackpink

Meanwhile, ODD ATELIER’s staff had previously faced backlash from fans for their perceived lack of efficiency. Additionally, a female manager was also reprimanded for sharing photos taken in Italy on her personal Instagram account before Jennie. In fact, both of Jennie’s major international fanbases had even sent mass emails to the company, expressing their disappointment with the company’s handling of the artist’s image and neglect of her social media presence.

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