Blue Lock Chapter 267 Spoilers: Kiyora’s Decision and Kaiser’s Abandonment of Ness

On June 29, 2024, spoilers for chapter 267 of Blue Lock were leaked, however, the official release date is scheduled for July 3, 2024. This chapter showcases the reactions of all the players following Kaiser’s incredible goal, which ultimately breaks Ness’ heart. The Blue Lock manga series can be read on Kodansha K’s manga platform.

In the previous chapter, Kiyora ultimately sided with Kaiser after a tense confrontation between Bastard Munchen and PXG. Despite attempts from other players to block him, Kaiser successfully received the ball from Kiyora and executed a jaw-dropping spin shot, scoring a goal.

Disclaimer: The author’s opinion and potential spoilers from Blue Lock chapter 267 are included in this article.

Blue Lock Chapter 267: Kaiser’s Goal Takes the Spotlight

Kaiser as seen in the manga (Image via Kodansha)
Kaiser as seen in the manga (Image via Kodansha)

The upcoming chapter of Blue Lock, chapter 267, has been revealed to be titled “Golden Ticket”. It will pick up right where the previous chapter left off, with Kaiser scoring a spectacular goal thanks to a pass from Kiyora. While many of the PXG team’s players doubted the goal, deeming it a lucky shot, others acknowledged that it was impossible to stop.

The spoilers for chapter 267 of The Blue Lock then turned to Hiyori, who inquired about Kiyora’s decision to pick Kaiser over Isagi. The player from Bastard Munchen explained that while he may have considered switching sides at the last minute, he confidently asserted that he did not want to align himself with the losing team.

Kiyora as seen in the anime (Image via 8bit)
Kiyora as seen in the anime (Image via 8bit)

Isagi inquired with Kiyora about his decision to align with Kaiser, to which Kiyora responded that he would support Kaiser in the upcoming match but could not make any promises for the future. Isagi commended Kiyora, acknowledging that he was the driving force behind Isagi’s incredible goal. He even observed Kaiser’s growth as a player throughout the match and recognized him as a player with a strong sense of self.

After teasing Blue Lock chapter 267 spoilers, it was revealed that Isagi was still struggling to figure out how to defeat the ultimate player, Kaiser. The focus then turned to Ness, who applauded Kaiser for his impressive goal and acknowledged the contribution of Kiyora in making it even more perfect.

Despite his gloomy expression, Kaiser expressed gratitude to Ness for helping him improve as a player. He acknowledged Ness’s teachings on playing freely, but explained that his changed playing style meant he could no longer continue with Ness as his mentor. Kaiser rudely informed a tearful Ness that he would need to find a new mentor to guide him.

Isagi as seen in the anime (Image via 8bit)
Isagi as seen in the anime (Image via 8bit)

After witnessing Kaiser’s abandonment of Ness, Isagi gained insight into Kaiser’s tendency to discard players as he progressed. In contrast, Isagi utilized every player at his disposal, maximizing every opportunity for success. Reflecting on the disparity in ego between himself and Kaiser, Isagi acknowledged the need to better understand egotistical players in order to defeat Kaiser.

The spoilers for Blue Lock chapter 267 then transitioned to Kaiser approaching Isagi, and the two engaged in a heated argument. Kaiser proceeded to make a rude gesture towards Isagi as they both geared up to determine the winner through their pride. The peak of the chapter’s spoilers revealed Rin with a fierce determination in his gaze.

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