Blue Lock Chapter 268 Spoilers: Ubers React to Kaiser’s Goal as Rin Goes After Isagi

The purported spoilers for chapter 268 of Blue Lock were intended to showcase Rin Itoshi’s response to Bastard Munchen’s transformation. As expected, the supposed spoilers did not disappoint, as they unveiled Rin Itoshi’s inner turmoil as he struggled to determine his next course of action.

The previous chapter revealed why Kiyora Jin chose Kaiser over Isagi. Despite being considered the underdog, Kiyora saw an opportunity to increase his own value by assisting Kaiser. In the manga, Michael Kaiser eventually ends his partnership with Alexis Ness and challenges Isagi to a showdown to determine who can score the winning goal.

Please be aware that this article contains spoilers from the Blue Lock manga.

Blue Lock chapter 268 spoilers: Rin’s dilemma against Bastard Munchen

Oliver Aiku as seen in Blue Lock anime (Image via 8bit)
Oliver Aiku as seen in Blue Lock anime (Image via 8bit)

According to purported spoilers for chapter 268 of Blue Lock, the next installment will be called ‘Strong Pressure.’ After Michael Kaiser’s impressive goal, the manga’s focus shifts to the Italy Stratum Monitor Room, where the Ubers are left in awe of Kaiser’s performance.

Sendo Shuto was taken aback, but he knew that the Emperor, whom he saw as his rival, was capable of such impressive moves. Aryu Jyubei also saw him as the strongest contender for the top scorer position. Ikki Niko quickly noticed the change on the field – Kaiser was no longer solely focused on Isagi, which gave Bastard Munchen more opportunities to advance. This realization made it clear to Oliver Aiku that Bastard Munchen was still improving.

Don Lorenzo as seen in the Blue Lock manga (Image via Kodansha)
Don Lorenzo as seen in the Blue Lock manga (Image via Kodansha)

After reading the spoilers for Blue Lock chapter 268, Don Lorenzo witnessed Michael Kaiser’s goal and observed his reaction. Despite valuing him at 500 million, his enjoyment was quickly disrupted by Aryu and Sendo for making a mess with popcorn and cola. Shoei Barou was left pondering what Isagi’s plan would be to counter Kaiser’s impressive performance.

The spoilers for Blue Lock chapter 268 then reverted back to the ongoing match, which featured a discussion between Noel Noa and Julian Loki, the two Master Strikers. Loki inquired about Noa’s excitement for Kaiser’s evolution, to which Noa replied positively. However, he also reminded Loki to focus on his own team’s issues. To the surprise of many, Loki seemed unconcerned about a potential defeat and instead expressed a strong desire to discover new talent.

Ryusei Shidou as seen in the Blue Lock anime (Image via 8bit)
Ryusei Shidou as seen in the Blue Lock anime (Image via 8bit)

The focus of Blue Lock chapter 268 spoilers then turned to the players in the match, with Ryusei Shidou feeling uncertain about his next move after witnessing Kaiser’s impressive explosion. Tabito Karasu, on the other hand, remained composed and strategized their next steps to support their team. One of their priorities was to remove Kunigami Rensuke from Shidou’s influence. As a result, Karasu instructed Zantetsu Tsurugi to separate Kunigami from Shidou.

When Nanase Nijiro and Tokimitsu Aoshi expressed their concerns, Rin Itoshi was their go-to person for instructions. However, even she couldn’t come up with a solution to stop Bastard Munchen’s relentless momentum. Meanwhile, Isagi had evolved and the awakening of the Blue Rose had introduced a new play style for him. The only advantage Paris X Gen had was that the chemistry between the two strikers was not yet complete.

Rin Itoshi as seen in the Blue Lock anime (Image via 8bit)
Rin Itoshi as seen in the Blue Lock anime (Image via 8bit)

After the release of Blue Lock chapter 268 spoilers, the match resumed with Rin Itoshi passing the ball to Nanase. Nanase’s strategy was to slowly build up the play and make a precise pass to Rin. However, Isagi and Hiori quickly closed in on him with a fierce demon press, forcing Nanase to quickly pass the ball to Rin. Sadly, Michael Kaiser was able to intercept the pass.

Upon discovering that Kaiser had executed a solo steal, Rin was taken aback as he had previously believed that Kaiser was connected to Isagi and Hiori. However, this revelation ultimately proved that Isagi and Kaiser were not working together, but rather competing against each other in pursuit of becoming kings.

As the match progressed, Paris X Gen found themselves being overwhelmed. Later on, in Blue Lock chapter 268 spoilers, Rin Itoshi’s inner thoughts were revealed. Ever since his loss to Isagi in the U-20 Japanese National Team match, Itoshi had been tirelessly training to defeat him. Sadly, all his hard work seemed to be in vain.

The memory of his previous encounter with Itoshi Sae, where he entered a state of intense focus, flooded back to Itoshi. He believed that if he could harness that same urge to kill and destroy, he would be able to defeat both Itoshi Sae and Isagi. However, Rin was unable to control his impulses at the time and had to come to terms with the fact that Isagi’s progress was surpassing his own.

Just as Isagi received a pass from Hiori Yo, Rin noticed and immediately started pressuring him to steal the ball. Isagi, however, was able to anticipate Rin’s movements and sense his aggressive intent. As a result, a match-up between Isagi and Rin was formed in Blue Lock chapter 268 spoilers.

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