Boruto Theory Suggests Himawari is Finally Getting a Key to Her Memories

A recent theory about Boruto proposes that Himawari could potentially regain her lost memories, which were taken by Eida’s Omnipotence.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex begins on a somber tone as the characters are surrounded by a fabricated reality, their true memories erased. This manipulation is orchestrated by Kawaki, who has compelled Eida to utilize her Omnipotence in order to change people’s recollections.

Currently, Boruto is widely recognized as the son of Naruto and Hinata, and he is also responsible for their deaths. Himawari, on the other hand, has no recollection of her true sibling or the events that took place three years ago. However, this could soon change as she has found a potential ally who may hold the answers to her lost memories.

This theory about Boruto proposes that with Kurama now living inside Himawari, he will reveal the truth to her. As the nine-tailed fox has been with the Uzumaki siblings since their births, he may not be affected by Omnipotence like everyone else, being a tailed beast.

Despite not knowing who is responsible, he may still hold onto Boruto’s true memories. Whether he has been inside Himawari for many years or did not exist during that time, he has the ability to reveal Boruto’s true identity to her. This could potentially unlock her own memories.

Kurama and Himawari Uzumaki in Boruto Two: Blue Vortex

If Himawari regains her memories of her real brother, she may come to the realization that Boruto did not actually kill their parents. This could also lead her to question Kawaki, who has been pretending to be her brother for the past three years and has treated her coldly. It is possible that she could become an ally for Sarada and Sumire, as they are also aware of Boruto’s situation.

A Reddit user shared their wish that Omnipotence would not have an impact on Kurama and wrote, “If this speculation holds true, we can anticipate him revealing startling and honest truths to Himawari about Kawaki.”

One commenter also shared their thoughts, stating, “I also have high hopes for Kurama, but only time will tell if it will come to fruition. I truly hope that Kurama will play a role in helping Himawari understand Omnipotence, although it’s uncertain if he will be affected by it or not. I believe that this ambiguity is intentional by Kishimoto.”

A third person chimed in, stating that there are two conflicting beliefs about Kurama’s involvement in Omnipotence. One belief is that Kurama was not affected by it as he did not exist or had not been born at the time, after sacrificing his life. The other belief is that Kurama was partially and independently born in Hima when Daemon discovered something special inside of her.

The impact of Omnipotence on Kurama remains unknown. His reappearance in Boruto Two Blue Vortex is recent, leaving much to be discovered in the future. Perhaps Chapter 11 will provide some answers to these lingering questions.

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