Box Office Record Set by Demon Slayer Movie

Despite setting numerous box office records in Japan, Demon Slayer missed out on one particular record due to the influence of Bocchi the Rock.

In 2020, Demon Slayer achieved the highest-grossing movie in Japan with Mugen Train. This year, the franchise continues to be successful with its compilation movie To The Hashira Training, currently ranking as the eighth highest-grossing film.

Despite all the praise, Bocchi the Rock has silently accomplished something that was overlooked by Demon Slayer. The latest film, featuring the teenage rock band Kessoku Band, debuted at the number one spot in Japan’s box office this weekend, making it the first production to achieve this without any new footage.

The compilation film Re: Bocchi the Rock! opened on June 7, 2024, recapping the first 12 episodes of the anime show. Despite containing scenes that fans have already seen, the film sets a record that will be difficult for other franchises to surpass.

Anime often includes recap episodes or movies, which is not uncommon. For example, My Hero Academia Season 7 had a four-episode recap before its premiere, and occasionally these recaps are also shown in theaters for a limited time.

The timing of events has caused quite a commotion. For example, Demon Slayer consistently releases compilations prior to the start of a new season. To The Hashira Training featured new scenes because Season 4 had not yet begun, and the decision to premiere in cinemas allowed fans to get a sneak peek before the season officially began.

Despite the lack of teases for Season 2, Bocchi the Rock! has gone against the norm by recapping the first season after it has ended. However, fans can look forward to the second film, aptly named Bocchi the Rock! Re:Re:, which will be released on August 9 and may provide hints about the future of the show.

“The highly anticipated Or Bocchi the Rock! is set to break its own record, with the addition of Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Solo Leveling. This will mark the beginning of a wave of theatrical recaps. Stay tuned to our upcoming anime list for new releases that are truly worth watching.”

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