Brad Pitt’s F1 Trailer: Top Gun Vibes

The F1 trailer has arrived, showcasing its high-speed energy and receiving comparisons to Top Gun: Maverick from many viewers.

Despite their thrilling and high stakes nature, racing movies are often underrated in the rankings of the best sports movies. The dangerous speeds and potentially fatal outcomes create an intriguing backdrop for these films.

Clearly, the upcoming film F1, starring Brad Pitt, is aware of this fact. The movie’s title was recently announced, which received some negative feedback on the internet. However, just one day after the title reveal and official poster release, the first teaser trailer has been released. The film is centered around the world of competitive Formula One racing and follows Pitt’s character, a retired racer who returns to the sport to mentor a promising new driver.

The explosive trailer features famous faces from the F1 world and immerses viewers in the action on the track, accompanied by the booming sound of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”. It has already captivated many viewers, who have compared it to Top Gun: Maverick.

“According to a user on Reddit, this movie has the potential to evoke the same feelings as Top Gun Maverick,”stated the individual.

In this aspect, the style makes perfect sense.

“Another person also remarked that they easily recognized the director of this film without having to search online. They noted the striking similarity between the driving scenes in this movie and those in the director’s previous work, Top Gun Maverick.”

“Another person noted, ‘It’s obvious that Joseph Kosinski directed this film.’ They pointed out the similarity in cameras and techniques used in Top Gun Maverick, which was also incredibly well-shot. They expressed excitement for this new film based on this similarity.”

“One X user pointed out that it’s basically Top Gun Maverick with cars.”

One comment stated that the F1 movie trailer is reminiscent of Top Gun Maverick and they believe it will have a balance of realism and Hollywood flair.

Despite its similarities to Top Gun: Maverick in terms of aesthetic, not everyone was convinced. Some pointed out that there is still one simple reason why the latter cannot be surpassed.

According to one comment, the success of the POV cockpit cameras in immersing viewers into Top Gun Maverick was due to their novelty in capturing the experience of flying in those jets. However, these in-car camera angles are now a common occurrence on Sky Sports every weekend.

Mark your calendars for June 25, 2025, when F1 will hit theaters. In the meantime, why not browse the greatest action films of all time and explore the latest streaming releases.

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