BTS and Big Hit Accused of Sajaegi, Concept Theft, and Cult Allegations + Big Hit Announces Legal Action

Despite being the group that helped HYBE achieve its current success, BTS was also pulled into the company’s conflict with Min Hee Jin. They were constantly in the news for negative reasons, as their past controversies were suddenly brought back up.

🔻1. Allegation of Music Chart Manipulation

The online circulation of the verdict of A, who was charged with extortion in connection to unlawful marketing actions for Big Hit in 2017, has been reported recently.

According to reports from 2017, A has been charged 8 times for making threats towards Big Hit officials in order to extort 57 million won. A is also notorious for being involved in fraudulent marketing schemes for Big Hit and BTS, and has allegedly used their knowledge of illegal activities to manipulate and exploit the company.

The Seoul Central Court justified their decision to sentence A to 1 year in prison, stating that A had used his business partners’ secrets to carry out immoral actions. However, it was acknowledged that the victims were also at fault for falling for deceitful marketing tactics, which gave A an opportunity to manipulate and intimidate them.

In the aforementioned ruling, the phrase “taking advantage of illegal marketing for blackmail”was expressly mentioned. This contradicts Big Hit’s previous explanation in 2017, where they stated that A’s allegations were one-sided and that the marketing tactics in question were simply a common online viral marketing strategy.

In 2018, a netizen who identified as A shared a screenshot on the National Petition Board of the Blue House. The screenshot read, “BTS and illegal music sajaegi? I am the one who committed the crime.”The writer admitted to engaging in sajaegi, a form of chart manipulation, for BTS’ music without receiving any compensation. They also confessed to threatening the group’s management company, which resulted in being accused and spending a year in jail. As a consequence, they lost everything. Despite the management company claiming it was a standard online marketing method, the writer attempted to reveal the truth to the media. However, their efforts were futile as the press refused to cover the issue, leading them to write

🔻2. Accusation of Concept Theft:

On April 26 and 27, a former model and magazine editor, who goes by the name B on X, shared a video of Min Hee Jin’s press conference. In the caption, B expressed frustration, stating that their idea had been stolen by the CEO.

In 2022, B’s old tweets resurfaced, alleging that Bang Si Hyuk had copied her idea for BTS’s “HYYH” album photo set. At the time, the group was still new and struggling, and Bang Si Hyuk had come to B for advice as the editor of ZUZN Magazine. He had asked for her help in understanding how to capture the “charm” of young men. Despite some initial reservations about the group’s direction, B had offered her assistance and suggestions. However, she later learned that the CEO had used her ideas for the group’s next album, which turned out to be a huge success. The album’s photography style, described as “steamy” and “soft yet romantic,”

🔻3. Accusation of Involvement to Cult:

On social media, HYBE is being criticized for its close ties to Dahn World, a cult that poses as a legitimate business and was established by Lee Seung Heon. It is worth noting that Lee Seung Heon also founded Global Cyber ​​University, where BTS studied and gained recognition.

  • Dahn World promotes the belief that humans and God are interconnected, with a focus on worshipping Mago, the goddess representing the universe. GFRIEND’s latest track is also titled “Mago”.
  • GFRIEND’s last album followed a modern witch concept, titled “回:Walpurgis Night” (German Christian holiday, fire rituals performed to ward off witches and evil spirits.)
  • Walpurgis Night takes place from the evening of April 30 until May 1. Some have speculated that this timing is connected to GFRIEND’s disbandment in May and LE SSERAFIM’s debut on May 2.

It is believed that GFRIEND concluded their promotions with a witch concept, while LE SSERAFIM made their debut the following day with a name inspired by Seraphim, a six-winged angel known for serving alongside God.

  • The theme of LE SSERAFIM’s “UNFORGIVEN”centers around fire, symbolizing the persecution of witches and the expulsion of evil. Additionally, the photograph of Kazuha adorned with angel wings and holding a luminous orb evokes the image of the goddess Mago.
  • BTS’s song “Attack On Bangtan”is believed to include teachings from a cult.
  • It can be noted that ILLIT’s “Magnetic”shares similarities with the principles taught in Dahn World.
  • The purpose of the lyrics in the song “OMG”by NewJeans is to pay tribute to Dahn World with the phrase “dan neo-ppuniya”(I only have you, Dan), in which “dan”represents “Dahn World”.
  • The general consensus is that Min Hee Jin has utilized NewJeans’ MV as a means to combat this sect.

🔻New Announcement from HYBE and Big Hit Regarding the Allegations

  • In response to the allegation of music chart manipulation, Big Hit was asked by the press if the news was baseless. The company stated that they will conduct further investigations.
  • Regarding other issues, Big Hit responded, “The allegations raised are untrue and we will take legal action against the violation of artists’ rights.”

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