BTS Jin’s Hug Event Investigation: Police Authorities Involved After Complaint Against ARMYs Attempting To Kiss Idol

On June 12, Jin, the oldest member of BTS, was released from the military at the Yeoncheon training center in Gyeonggi. Fans were overjoyed at his return, as he was scheduled to attend the 2024 BTS FESTA event on June 13 in Seoul.

During the event, Jin hosted a free hug session with the goal of embracing approximately 1,000 ARMYs. He wore a sign reading “Hug Me,”and the segment quickly gained traction on the internet as netizens were pleasantly surprised by its wholesome nature.

Regrettably, the actions of a few fans who attempted to kiss the idol caused anger among ARMYs, leading to a commotion on the internet. The fans were reprimanded for violating Jin’s boundaries and causing him to visibly express discomfort with their gesture.

The incident was brought to the attention of the police authorities.

On June 14, the Songpa Police Station verified that a report had been submitted through the National Petition System, alleging a violation of the Sexual Violence Punishment Act.

The police confirmed that the complaint was obtained through the National Petition System. However, they have not yet received a formal complaint and the suspects have not been booked.

Additionally, the authorities stated their intention to assess whether to pursue an investigation into the specifics of the complaint.

The police shared that a complaint was received through the National Petition System, but a formal one has not yet been collected. They also stated that the suspect has not been named yet.

On June 14, an individual known as “Ms. A”posted in a fan community, claiming to have reported fans for misconduct and accusing them of sexual harassment. Korean news outlets also reported on the individual’s statement.

“Jin held a hugging session with 1,000 fans to celebrate his discharge from the military, but I couldn’t help but be angry when I heard that it became controversial because some fans tried to sexually harass him.

I filed a complaint to the police for the fans’ violation of the Article 11 of the Sexual Violence Punishment Act,’ which was a ‘molestation in a crowded place.”

This is how the netizens responded to the complaint:

  • “The company should be the one going out to punish them, but that bast**d’s company isn’t doing anything.”
  • “What is the company doing? They are so bad at their job.”
  • “I get why fans would want to do this, but it just makes it into a bigger thing. I doubt Jin wants his returning fan event to end in prosecutions.”
  • “If he does, he’s a 31-year-old man who can handle it himself.”
  • “It’s just a mess.”
  • “I don’t know how one thinks that sort of behavior is okay. Creeps. Jin himself should make a report at the very least to show that this sort of behavior is not okay.”
  • “I don’t think they will go through with it unless Jin files the complaint himself.”
  • “I get that it’s disgusting but do fans really think something will happen if they report it themselves.”

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