BTS’s American Company Accused of Sabotaging Jimin’s Solo Comeback in Favor of New Group?

On June 23, the phrase “GEFFEN APOLOGIZE TO JIMIN”began to gain traction on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) as numerous BTS fans expressed their frustration towards Geffen Records, the record label responsible for promoting BTS in the United States.

Fans specifically point the finger at Geffen Records for deliberately undermining Jimin’s solo comeback in order to promote their upcoming group, KATSEYE, which is scheduled to make their debut on the same day as Jimin’s album release.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Ray Kurzeka, the Head of Streaming at Geffen Records, had also derided BTS fans by responding to a Tweet requesting improved promotions with a link to a different artist’s song, labeling it the “song of the year”and disregarding the concerns of fans.

Despite less than a week left until the release, Geffen Records has failed to promote Jimin’s upcoming comeback, according to fans. There have been no iTune’s pre-orders for the male idol’s album, leading to frustration among fans.

The source of the information can be found at the following link: X

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