BTS’s V stalker was arrested by the police! A man with multiple criminal records revealed his identity while riding in an elevator to hand in a “marriage application,” V reported to comfort fans.

(Cover image source: FB@BIGHIT.MUSIC)

The South Korean police recently arrested a stalker of BTS member V. The stalker had a history of stalking before, but this time he followed V in the elevator of a private house and handed in a marriage application?!

According to Korean media, A, a woman in her 30s (*some reports said she was in her 20s), was waiting at the door of V’s house yesterday and followed V when he entered the apartment parking lot in his car. At about 6:30, A followed V to the elevator of his private residence, talked to him, and handed him a marriage application.

Mr. A fled the scene immediately after committing the crime. After receiving a report from the security guard, the police found Mr. A based on the personal information on the marriage declaration and arrested him. According to the investigation, A has a history of stalking V many times before. The police have taken emergency measures against A, including not being allowed to come within 100 meters of V, prohibiting the use of mobile phones and text messages, etc., while investigating his specific criminal history.

(Photo source: IG@thv)

Big Hit Music, V’s agency, said, “Stalking crimes that infringe on artists’ private lives and threaten their safety will be dealt with based on the principle of no tolerance.”

After the news was reported, many fans were worried about V’s condition. V himself left a message on the fan communication platform Weverse this afternoon to report that he was safe: “Hey, it’s okay~ Please don’t worry.”He also shared many recent photos and videos on his personal IG, trying to Let everyone feel at ease

Korean netizens were angry at the stalker’s behavior: “It’s so scary.””Stalking is a crime and must be severely punished.””Fortunately, what she took out was paper. What if it was a murder weapon?””You are still doing this in your 30s. What’s going on? Go to the hospital.””The marriage application is too crazy.””I actually exposed my identity information, it seems like I’m not thinking well.””This is not a fan or love, but a crime caused by mental problems.”

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