Budget Apple Vision Pro: Balancing Price and Features

Despite the Vision Pro’s price of $3500, it is not currently targeted towards the mass market. However, this could potentially change when Apple releases their next virtual reality headset.

Despite being an Apple device, the Vision Pro has failed to generate significant sales. This can be attributed to its expensive price of $3500.

This could be the reason why Apple halted production of Vision Pro 2 and shifted its attention towards developing a more affordable virtual reality headset.

As per a recent report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the highly anticipated Apple Vision virtual reality headset, codenamed “N107,”has been in development for quite some time.

The speaker predicts that this budget-friendly headset may have several drawbacks in order to reduce expenses and could potentially be released by the end of 2025.

One potential trade-off that has been identified is a reduced field of view in comparison to the original Vision Pro. Additionally, it has been suggested that Apple is exploring the possibility of making the device dependent on a connected Mac or iPhone.

The omission of processing units in the headsets will not only reduce costs for the company, but also increase portability. However, this also suggests that the budget-friendly Apple VR headset may not function independently and may bear resemblance to other smart glasses we have evaluated.

Despite numerous attempts to reduce costs, the Apple Vision is still expected to be expensive. Gurman estimates that at a price of $1,500, it would be three times more expensive than competing devices.

Apple Vision Pro headset with external display

In addition, he mentions that although Apple is currently prioritizing the development of a budget VR headset, they are also continuing to work on the successor to the Vision Pro. Internally referred to as “the N109,”the upcoming model is expected to closely resemble the current one, but with a faster processor and upgraded external cameras, according to his statement.

Gurman affirms that Apple’s focus on creating high-quality MR headsets will remain unchanged. However, the release date for the successor to the Vision Pro, which will have a similar appearance but be more lightweight and advanced, has been pushed back to the end of 2026.

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