Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 115: A Major Character’s Gruesome Death

The recently published Chapter 115 of Bungo Stray Dogs has revealed the shocking demise of a major character, leaving fans in disbelief.

The most recent installment of Bungo Stray Dogs quickly surprises readers. Continuing directly from the previous chapter, Chapter 115 depicts the aftermath of Fyodor merging with Bram’s body through his ability, Crime and Punishment.

The chapter features the brutal demise of Teruko Okura, the vice-captain of the Hunting Dogs. Although Bungo Stray Dogs manga has had numerous near-death experiences before, this time it unflinchingly portrays her gruesome end.

The events begin when Teruko makes the decision to kill Fyodor in revenge for murdering Fukuchi, the man she admires above all others. She believes she is close to successfully carrying out her plan, but then an unexpected individual appears before her.

Fukuchi is no longer the person he used to be, all thanks to the holy sword that Fyodor used to impale him. He has now transformed into the Divine Being. Teruko is overjoyed to see her beloved captain, but her happiness is short-lived as he impales her head with his sword.

The Divine Being kills Teruko
Kadokawa Shoten

Teruko’s head melts and bursts, with the rest of her body quickly following suit in the gritty scene. This agonizing event is then followed by yet another jarring moment, as the Divine Being is witnessed consuming the liquefied remains.

The brief flashback that follows this is even more tragic, as it reveals that Teruko was only 12 years old when she was a child soldier. Despite possessing the ability to alter her age, she was still a young and vulnerable child. Fukuchi found her on a battlefield and without his intervention, she would have perished. This adds to the already heartbreaking situation.

This clarifies Teruko’s strong commitment to the Decay of the Angel leader, and adds to the heart-wrenching nature of her death. The fact that her killer assumes the appearance of the person she held dear, combined with the fact that she was only 12 years old, makes the situation even more tragic.

Initially critical of the manga’s tendency to spare characters, Bungo Stray Dogs fans have been taken aback by the unexpected deaths of two major characters in the recent chapters, as depicted in Chapter 115.

“One fan expressed their love for her and disbelief at the actions through a post on X, stating “I am grieving!”The post can be found at https://x.com/AE0NG_FILE/status/1797649163188093380.”

Another commenter expressed shock and disbelief, stating “He killed Teruko, he killed her, wtf,”in a post shared on social media.

According to another post, Teruko’s death was not only marked by her smiling face (much like Jouno’s), but also by her direct gaze at the man she held in high regard and who had saved her life.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Bungo Stray Dog Chapter 116 in July 2024 following the shocking events of Chapter 115. Many are anxious to see what Fyodor has in store for Yokohama and the rest of the world.

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