Burger King is testing new flame-grilled chicken sandwiches

Customers can expect something thrilling from Burger King, which deviates from their usual beef patties.

The flame-grilled Whopper is synonymous with Burger King. The brand’s signature smoky and chargrilled taste has become a beloved staple among customers.

However, Burger King is now venturing beyond its usual offerings and experimenting with freshly introduced chicken sandwiches and wraps, similar to those found at McDonald’s.

On June 6, fortunate residents of Omaha, Nebraska and Huntsville, Alabama will have the opportunity to taste the new flame grilled chicken breast sandwiches and wraps.

Wendy's Saucy nuggets
Matt Turner / Static Media

Wendy’s is also bringing a new item out of the test phase

As per a representative of the company, these individuals will have the opportunity to sample the Classic, Fiery, and Bacon & Swiss Royal Crispy chicken sandwiches, as well as the half flame-grilled chicken breast which can be substituted for the standard Royal Crispy Wraps offered by the franchise.

Similar to Chick-fil-A and other fast food chains, Burger King typically experiments with new menu items in smaller locations to gauge customer interest. This was also the case for their Impossible Whopper, which was initially tested in only 59 locations before being rolled out nationwide due to its high demand.

The fate of the flame grilled options during the trial phase is yet to be determined.

Despite this, fast food customers have a lot to look forward to as Wendy’s latest menu addition, the Saucy Nuggets, has successfully completed its testing phase and will be available nationwide starting June 10.

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