Business owner pleads for help after sudden TikTok Shop closure costs him $10k

A TikTok business owner is urgently seeking assistance after his TikTok Shop was abruptly shut down and consumers received refunds despite the products being shipped.

Parker Jones, a popular TikToker, has spent the past few months getting ready to introduce Moxy Performance, his latest collection of car-cleaning chemicals.

On June 3, 2024, Jones and his collaborator Foster Mills finally released their product and made a few items available for purchase directly through the TikTok shop.

Soon after the launch, Foster uploaded a video to his account showcasing the system they devised to efficiently dispatch products to their fresh clientele.


Get Moxy Now! @Parker Jones @Moxy Performance #moxyperformance #carsoftiktok #carcommunity #fyp

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Just one day after, Parker posted a video appealing for assistance. The Moxy Performance TikTok Shop unexpectedly shut down and issued refunds to all customers, even though the product had already been shipped out.

According to the video, Moxy has been entirely removed, resulting in the loss of over $10,000 worth of free products. This could potentially mark the end of the company.

“The situation was frustrating. In a matter of seconds, we lost more than $10K. Our team was prepared and had already shipped out over 300 orders,”he explained. “Then, out of nowhere, my phone alerted me that our shop had been shut down and all customers had been refunded. According to the notification, this was due to unusual activity and failure to fulfill orders.”

“Within just 18 hours of launching, we have successfully delivered over 300 orders, all of which were provided free of cost. Rest assured, every individual will receive both their order and a full refund, as we are covering the expenses ourselves.”


If anybody can help. Please. Theres nobody we can call or contact. @Moxy Performance #stangry #moxy #tiktokshop #carsoftiktok #carcommunity #boosted #turbo #detailing #fyp #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo

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At present, Moxy’s TikTok Shop is not visible on either the company page or Parker’s personal channel. The website states that the prices of Moxy’s products range from $17 to $19 per bottle. Based on an average order of two bottles per customer, the total earnings from 300 orders would be approximately $11,400.

We have contacted TikTok for a statement regarding the situation and will revise this article if we receive a response.

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