Businessman Breaks Off Engagement Over “I Love Choi Yeonjun” Message

On Instagram, thug_min, who represents the South Korean fashion brand ‘Thug Club’, recently announced his separation from his fiancée. According to thug_min’s post, the reason for their breakup was a message that his girlfriend accidentally sent to him after watching a video of Yeonjun from TXT. Instead of sending the message to her friends, she mistakenly sent “Yeonjun, I love you” to him.

Thug_min clarified in his Instagram post, stating, “I am a hopeless romantic. I desire a partner who is completely committed to me and does not casually profess love to others.”


His girlfriend admitted that their relationship ended due to Yeonjun from TXT. She explained, “It’s true, Yeonjun was the reason for our breakup. I don’t understand why my ex-boyfriend was so bothered by the fact that I idolized someone. To me, it’s not the same as being in love with another man. Nevertheless, I apologize to him with sincerity, as a sign of respect for the person I care for. However, I find the reason for our breakup absurd, especially since we had been planning to get married for the past year.”

The incident has caused a contentious discussion on the internet, as fans and netizens have differing opinions on the reasons behind the split. Some supporters claim that thug_min’s response is valid and highlight the significance of emotional loyalty in a romantic relationship. Conversely, some think that the matter has been exaggerated, taking into account the influence of idolization in South Korean society.


Supporters of Yeonjun and TXT have also chimed in, defending the actions of the girlfriend and stating that showing admiration for idols is a common and harmless behavior. They assert that the breakup reveals a lack of comprehension and faith in the relationship, rather than any actual unfaithfulness.

As the narrative of this story develops, it remains a poignant reminder of the intricacies and delicate nature of contemporary relationships, particularly in an era where social media and the worship of celebrities prevail.

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