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Despite the mourning among Young Sheldon fans following George’s passing, they can still hear his voice and the rest of the Cooper family’s by dialing this phone number.

In Season 7 Episode 12, the reaper made an appearance. Although we were aware of its impending arrival, we were still caught off guard: George bid farewell to his loved ones for the final time.

The consequences of his passing will be delved into during the upcoming finale of Young Sheldon. Despite the fact that Mary, Meemaw, and the children are also struggling to come to terms with it, viewers are not prepared to say goodbye to George just yet. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for those who wish to hear his voice whenever they please.

Despite being mentioned briefly five seasons ago, the Cooper family’s phone number, 409-356-6049, is still active and was discovered by fans on the show’s subreddit.

If you were to make a call, you would hear Mary introduce themselves as the Coopers by saying, “Hey y’all,”followed by George stating, “We are currently unavailable.”

Georgie replies, “You can leave a message,”to which Missy adds, “And we’ll call you back.”As expected, Sheldon does not mirror their friendly attitude. “I will not return your call… unless you happen to be Professor Proton, in which case I can’t believe I missed your call.”

Initially intended as a playful Easter egg, as the series nears its highly-anticipated ending (particularly following George’s passing), viewers have discovered a more poignant reaction to it.

“One user expressed, “Hearing George’s voice brought out a wave of sadness, lmao.”Another commented, “For real! I was expecting it but still ended up in tears.”A third individual wrote, “It was absolutely insane, I loved it.”A fourth person added, “OMG, thank you for sharing this.”

Some movies and TV shows have been known to include seemingly fictional phone numbers in their content. For instance, fans of Fallout discovered that they could dial Vault-Tec, but the conversation was far from pleasant.

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